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Peace, freedom, equality, tolerance, and justice for all
19.09.2017 (249 days ago)
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by cosmicrat ·
19-September-2017, 6:57 am

I think there might be, but it's awfully quiet.

I'm not blaming the quiet ones. Silence is a valid reaction in a hostile environment, even if it's only a virtual space.
Silence is not my way, though. If I didn't want to have intelligent conversations with others who care how people treat one another, and feel empathy with those who are suppressed and treated badly by others, if only just to know that despite a political disaster, there still ARE many good people out there, I wouldn't have bothered to join or stay here.

If I only wanted to hear nasty comments about the people who stand up for their rights, and for the rights of others, to equal justice, tolerance, and nondiscrimination, whether they are unknown common people or those in public life who work for a better society and a better country-- if I wanted to hear them insulted I could tune an AM radio to Rush Limbaugh, or look up Alex Jones, or Breitbart, or the Washington Times. Or, I could just follow Donald Trump on Twitter.

That is not what I want, of course. I am hoping this site still has some members who are willing to join in positive progressive conversation and discussion. I think it's important to NOT give up on the world, or on our countries and communities, and to speak to one another and to everyone with hope and desire to be a part of changing it for the better.

I'm not looking for people who agree on every issue. There are many approaches, many ideas to make the world better for the people in it. But we are more alike as human beings than we are different because of nationality, religion, gender, sexual preference, or skin color. Let's ignore the dividers, the wall-builders, and the haters.

Perhaps the minds I'd like to meet have already moved elsewhere. If that is the case, so will I. Sadly. But it was worth a try.

-cosmicrat Sept. 19, 2017

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  •  SparkytheImp: 

    I'm totally open for debate. I won't get ugly, not in my nature. I WILL say what I observe however. There's not been a political disaster that I am aware of. Trump is fine, we survived 8 years of Obama, we will survive at least 4 years of Trump. What I do see is people shutting down the free speech of others, based on that it might incite violence, I call this the soft bigotry of low expectations. People are more real than what they seem out there on the airwaves. And it is a shame that other people can not trust other people to make the smart decisions, with ALL information available, and so people get attacked, violently. Surely we are all smarter than this. Of course we are, but the media would have everyone believe that certain people have no brains, and so must be spoken for. I call that racism, and bigotry.

    You, me, everyone, we just want a chance at life, we want better lives, a chance to feed our families, a chance to get along in our communities, we all wish for everyone to be okay. Not just okay, but doing well. Everyone wants a better life, especially us low people on the totem pole. The better we do, the better our neighbors do, and so on. We all need to seek to just be good people. To not be liars, or cheats, or psychos. The better we become, the better people around us become, and the better people around them become.

    Of course there's intelligent life in here.

    I have recently just come back after a 6 year hiatus, and I look forward to your posts as well as others. I'm trying to drag some other people, who have also been gone forever, back into the fray, and you might be surprised many of them are liberals. I consider myself a classical liberal. I just don't like violence and I won't sit here while others advocate for it. I won't do that. Peace out man. :)

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  •  cosmicrat: 

    Regarding the statements that not everyone wants to have serious discussions, that is quite obvious.  My blog was not directed at them, nor to those who consistently react negatively to those who want to  make the world a friendlier place, to correct injustice, to increase tolerance and understanding.

    Obviously, those who have nothing to say are perfectly free to say nothing.  That, too, is freedom of speech, just as the ability to reject belief in supernatural beings is an important aspect of freedom of religion.

    I have no way of knowing how many people still visit this site, nor how many of those actually read what anyone else writes, or have thoughts about public issues.  I was hoping to reach a few, to stimulate some interest.  Perhaps it is in vain.

    There may be a general impression that only those with strong ideological beliefs have valid ideas worth expressing and reading.  There are some whose rhetoric seems to imply that only their particular band of the political spectrum is the "way", and others to either the right or the left of them are ruthlessly attacked.  But, in fact, there is a wide range of thought among good people, from moderate incrementalists to radical anti-capitalists.  We may differ in our approaches, but we need to remember we are ON THE SAME SIDE.  We are FOR the people-- all of them.  That should unite us.  Debating the finer points is secondary.

    For those with prejudices, yes, you have a right to them.  You don't have to LIKE black people, brown people, gay people, Muslims, Christians, Jews, or atheists.  What you DON'T have is the right to discriminate, deny them equal rights, or incite others to cause them harm.
    I would hope you could learn to see everyone as a human being, and judge them individually, not as a group.  But if you express hate, expect to be called a hater, and part of the problem.

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  •  beatleguy: 

    I don't particularly enjoy or even get into conversations about things or topics  I have no interest in. A forum or someone's page on one small Social site among hundreds & thousands for me isn't really the spot for soap-boxing. NO ONE is going to or magically change or alter anyone else's thoughts & opinions about anything! So what have you... Just person A slamming their opinions about topic-X at person-B..not my idea of limited time well spent online. I, as I feel the majority do as well, come online to FORGET about all the negativity, bickering & one-upmanship that goes on in our individual Worlds. I try to treat everyone the same, with respect, understanding & kindness, although I'll admit, being the smartass goofball that I am, do occasionally falter. No one's views or feelings are more important than another's..even though sometimes it's obvious that they're just wrong about something.

    I'm simply here to enjoy myself & maybe spread a little nonsense. 

    So, in the words of a dead millionaire, 

    "Can't we all just get along"

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  •  SecretCorners: 

    I started a debate group.  Yes, I did name it Robust Debate on purpose.  I think many would rather not see such on the front page.  I was hoping that some of the old Multiply group might come in; and yes, there were going to be tighter rules and less of some of the stuff that went on at Multiply.  There was a guy in the UK I recall that was on Robust Debate.  He took a break.  I wish I had more contacts.

    Here is the thing CosmicRat, not everyone wants to discuss such things.  We need to find those that are willing and wanting to get into discussions.  Dialogue is important; which is why Antifa is so dangerous.  Antifa approach is that if you are against *insert here* then you are a Nazi and they physically attack you.  However, even the Democrats are starting to see the dangers of Antifa.

    I don't know that many people.  Do a recruiting and get people to come in and get them to join Robust Debate and let's get some discussions going on.

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  •  SecretCorners: 

    The first thing CosmicRat is for us to drop all the uh, negative words towards other.  Let's drop all the nonsense that the alt-left media is still putting out (and the alt-right media as well) and hold real dialogue with each other.  First of all, we don't have a political disaster; Trump is not a White Supremacist, Neo-Nazi, Facist, Sexist, etc.  What he is, is a Republican.  Now, I did hope he would have been more moderate but I am not surprised.  I will admit that there is a worry with the Supreme Court but the worry was there with Clinton as well.  In order to have a fair court system, the judges need to be centre; not left or right, able to look at both sides of the issue equally and made a decision for the good of the country as a whole.

    First thing that is important for the US is for everyone to take anything the media says with a large grain of salt; that includes both sides of the media.  Both sides are nothing but propaganda machines.  The alt-left would have you to believe that the US is suddenly a huge White Supremacist country and that these groups are growing like mad.  The truth is that the White Supremacist groups and the Black Supremacist groups are more or less the same as they were.  The problem is that SPLC is labeling more and more groups as hate groups; the SPLC placed some churches on the hate list because they said that homosexuality is a sin and are against same sex marriages.  These churches did not call for the death of all gays; unlike the mosque that was calling for the death of all Jews.  The majority of the people don't buy into these hate groups.  When the leader of the Black Panthers called for the death of crackers and all cracker babies, we did not see Blacks going out and killing Whites and White Babies.  There is a video with a speaker of the Black Panthers calling for basically a race war of killing Whites and guess what, the people were simply ignoring him and going on about their business; and yes, the Blacks were ignoring him.

    Here is the problem.  The US government is corrupted; as corrupted as any Banana Republic.  Both parties' interest lies entirely with those they serve; and they don't serve the general populace.  The Republicans and Democrats have been in power since mid 1853; think about that.  They work together; yes, they WORK TOGETHER, to ensure that both parties will stay in power.  It basically falls back to the adage that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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    •  Greystarfish1: 

      I totally agree. I enjoy a civil discussion on a subject. The problem is, that some people want to argue, and not discuss or listen. It is a waste of time, to argue with them. I do not have a lot of free time and I am not going to waste my time, arguing with people. I am sure, that other people feel the same way.  

      A lot of judges, including Supreme Court judges, have forgotten that their job is to interpret the law, NOT make law or rule from the bench. There are judges, that should have been fired years ago.

      The Shmoozezone is a good website. I am so glad, that the administrators DO NOT allow the personal attacks, etc. that went on at Multiply. I am at Facebook, but not Twitter. I can tell you, that some people are using the update your status on their page, to blog. This goes on in groups, too.

      I have invited Phoenix to return. She finally got logged in and changed her profile picture. She has been having Internet connection problems. Hopefully, it will be fixed and she can be online more.

      A major concern at Facebook and Twitter is the censorship. Some people are looking for backups. I have recommended the Shmoozezone to them. Do not be surprised, if you read about people leaving those websites.

      As for homosexuality, the Bible makes it plain, that it is a sin. If they are willing to repent of their sins, ask God to forgive them, be saved and baptized, God will forgive them of their sins.  

      God is the creator of marriage. It is between one man and one women. God will not change his mind. The Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage was political. The Muslims are the ones, that are murdering homosexuals and lesbians. This is very evil. The Bible makes it plain that murder is evil.

      The SPLC is a Marxist organization, that has gotten rich off of hate. Just because they label someone or an organization as hate, does not mean, that they are hate groups, etc.    

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      •  cosmicrat: 

        You started by mentioning "civil discussion", but toward the end you inserted your religious belief, which was not very civil at all, in either sense of the word.  Why do you think your personal religious-based prejudice is relevant to the human rights of some members of our society?  You don't have to LIKE them.  Just respect their equal rights

        Your right to your religious beliefs is respected by law, as are those of everyone else.  Every individual gets to decide what he or she thinks about whether gods exist, and what those gods might think about people if they did exist.

        You don't really want courts to decide to pick someone's religious rules and make everyone else follow them, do you?

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