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07.06.2017 (383 days ago)
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My New Favorite Person: Reality Winner
by cosmicrat ·
7-June-2017, 11:29 am


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  •  cosmicrat: 

    Actually, anyone who reveals truth that the people need to know is one of my favorite people, including Daniel Ellsberg, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden.  There have been others, less well known.  The free press, which keeps government accountable, depends on honest people coming forward, often at great risk of their own freedom.

    I do believe it will be hard for Trump to pull off a cover-up when he can't shut up.  Soon there will be fewer willing to stay with him for fear they will go down with his ship.  

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    •  Classylind: 

      u right on cosmicrat

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  •  Classylind: 

    Mine too they loved that other guy can't think of his name but stills remain in Russia he should come back and be jailed right along with her  lets call him chicken Little. i feel she did right by turning over what she knew  about  Russia and Trump. and what they are doing. i guess folks won't be happy until Russia takes over America. I will be so happy when he impeach his self by using twitter 

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  •  SecretCorners: 

    LOL. Maybe she can be a contestant on American Ninja Warrior she already has a stage name.

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My New Favorite Person: Reality Winner