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Peace, freedom, equality, tolerance, and justice for all
10.01.2017 (530 days ago)
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by cosmicrat ·
10-January-2017, 8:52 am

Polls, it seems, are not that useful with small numbers of respondents. However, it wasn't my purpose to build a vast database of public opinion, but to stimulate and/or uncover some serious interest in public affairs. The poll questions were listed in the reverse order that I asked them, and only two of the three could be seen at once.

There is quite a long list of members on Shmoozezone. I understand that many are no longer active, though I have no way of knowing how few still are around at all, or whether any of you are interested in intelligent discussion. If not, that's disappointing, but I understand. Some very depressing things have been happening, and I can see why you might not want to talk about them, now that it's too late to change the course of events.

I don't think the future is hopeless, though, and for those who actually care about humanity, not just their own greed, we need to stay involved.

Comments would be appreciated.


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  •  SecretCorners: 

    I created Robust Debate group for the sole purpose of engaging in debate.  Maybe I should not have used the same name as from Multiply but that was done on purpose.  I want to draw in more users.  Robust Debate was not bad as such, just that the moderation was not in place.  I can add "bad words" filter to the site; or maybe have it as an add-on to groups where the admin can choose to use it or not.  Someone using "strong words" is not inherently bad; it is when one gets so heated in the argument that they start doing personal attacks; I see this throughout the internet and discussion falling apart because of it.

    Here is a very interesting thing I saw after the last election, attempts from Clinton fanatics in suppressing free speech.  I started to blog about it but felt that it was too close to the end of the election.  If you search YouTube you can witness it.  If a supporter of Trump was trying to give a rally; or other events, Clinton supporters would gather and beat on plastic buckets, blow whistles continuously, and use horns and sirens in an attempt to suppress the voice of the speaker and to prevent those gathered from hearing the speech.  It was strange to witness.

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  •  SecretCorners: 

    I did not participate in the polls.  However, yes, too small of a sample size will certainly not be valid results; one needs at least a sample size of thirty.  One can question the usefulness of polls after the polls were so off during the last election.  However, it is not polling but how one polls.  Instead of conducting actual exit polls, they did a telephone poll so the method used was flawed.  I suggest everyone either takes a statistical analysis course or just get some books or websites and study.

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