by SecretCorners 22.04.2017    Comments: 0    Tags: nature  birds  
I had a bag of potting soil sitting beside a pot and had used a board to cover the bag to shed the rain.  The board partly covered the pot as well.  I went to use the potting soil today and when I removed the board I noticed a nest in the pot.  Turns out a wren had
by SecretCorners 12.04.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: show  
Just watched season one and two and the Christmas special of this show.  Fairly delightful except for the Becky character which I could have done without.
by SecretCorners 04.04.2017    Comments: 4    Tags: strange  
by SecretCorners 02.04.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: humour  sataire  
Even if one is an ultra liberal you must admit this is funny.
by SecretCorners 01.04.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: taxes  
April is here and the taxman is on the way; the deadline this year is the 18th (US of course).  I wonder how much blood they will take this year.
by SecretCorners 29.03.2017    Comments: 4    Tags: walmart  
Why does Walmart place targets on the backs of its employees?
by SpellOfGardenias 28.03.2017    Comments: 6    Tags: storytime  
Hey y'all, I'll be posting a new story in Spelli's Storytime in a little while. I apologize for not posting yesterday like I said I was going to. I fixed dinner, sat down to relax
by SecretCorners 28.03.2017    Comments: 3    Tags: idiot  
I came out from shopping and found that some idiot had hit my car.  You would think that when the person hit m
by SecretCorners 23.03.2017    Comments: 1    Tags: jewish bomb threats  
Remember the cry for Trump to denounce the vandalism of Jewish cemeteries and the bomb threats against Jewish community centres?  The frame of mind was that Trump's supporters; the White Nationalists, were behind the threats and that Trump was not saying anything b
by SecretCorners 18.03.2017    Comments: 7    Tags: ipernity  crowdfunding  
Ipernity is doing a crowdfunding to raise money to keep the site going.  They have already raised $17,817 USD out of a goal of $25000.00.  If we had that kind of money, we could really rock.  With that kind of money available, Geek Girl could devote all her time to
by SecretCorners 09.03.2017    Comments: 5    Tags: protests  soros  donald trump  
Today was "International Women's Day" but it was usurped by yet another stupid protest.  I haven't checked to see if people went around wearing vaginas on their heads and shouting about grabbing pussies but I would not be surprised.  There are important issues concerning women; like all the suppr
by SecretCorners 04.03.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: global warming  
The Batagiaka crater in eastern Siberia, already the largest of its kind, has been growing wider. The most recent measurement
by SecretCorners 01.03.2017    Comments: 1    Tags: net neutrality  
Ajit Pai, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, stated at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, "It has become evident that the FCC made a mistake" in speaking about net neutrality rules.  Pai voted against net neutrality when it came up in 2015 and now
by SecretCorners 22.02.2017    Comments: 5    Tags: politics  
Breitbart: Milo, have a seat. Milo: What can I do for you? Breitbart: Just wanted to let you know we accept your resignation. M
by SecretCorners 14.02.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: muslims  uk  
Britain is dying and I am not sure it can be saved.  The UK is allowing Muslim men to bring their child brides into the country and rape these children on a continuous basis even in the asylums.  It is generally recognised in ciliviised countries that children can not give consent to sex; althoug
by Midianlord 09.02.2017    Comments: 6    Tags: politics  
Yep. I have officially lost my last tenuous connections to my leftist ideals. Whatever, they were just taking up space and whinging anyway. Hey, that's like what SJWs do, innit. Score one for consistency! Proof: My admittedly rather less-than-measured reaction/comment on this
by SecretCorners 07.02.2017    Comments: 3    Tags: devos  
In case you have not heard the news, DeVos has been confirmed as Secretary of Education.  One of the greatest things that the United States did was to create public education for the masses and not only create it but make it a requirement.  Now it seems that public
by SecretCorners 07.02.2017    Comments: 4    Tags: trump stupidity  
I look in the news and I see talk about whether Trump has a bathrobe or not.  Who gives a damn if Trump owns or uses a bathrobe?  People have gone batshit crazy over Trump for some of the stupidest things.  Then again, I have stated that 90% of Americans are idiots
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