by SecretCorners 21.02.2018    Comments: 1    Tags: sjws  
by SecretCorners 21.02.2018    Comments: 4    Tags: arseholes  
He was an arsehole.
by SecretCorners 21.02.2018    Comments: 6    Tags: dickheads  
When I attended university, I had a number of dickhead professors.  There was one that was the biggest dickhead of them all.  I remember the first time I visited Dr. Dickhead in his office; his bicycle was sitting in his office.  One day when I g
by SecretCorners 19.02.2018    Comments: 1    Tags: politics  
Want to remove a political opponent?  Just find someone to accuse them of some sexual misconduct.  We saw this in the presidential race in the USA and in other political races as well.  It threatens to  undermine democracy.
by SecretCorners 19.02.2018    Comments: 6    Tags: george washington's birthday  
The holiday that we celebrate on Monday is George Washington's birthday.  I find it is a disgrace to the man that is consider the father of the country to keep calling it Presidents Day.  Even damn Obama called it Presidents Day.  Of course I let him know how stupid
by SecretCorners 11.02.2018    Comments: 5    Tags: #metoo bullshit  
Helen Mirren said as a woman in the world, sexual harassment was constant in her 20s. “When I was in between 16 and 23, 24 — men would expose themselves to me often, I would say about once a week … on the subway, on the tube, on the bus, walk
by SecretCorners 11.02.2018    Comments: 5    Tags: #metoo  
The #metoo feeding frenzy is getting out of hand; it now threatens our democracy.  As some may know, Rob Porter recently resigned over allegations from his ex-wives that he was physically abusive. One even showed a photo of her with a black eye.  The thing is, Rob Porter claims that the allegatio
by SecretCorners 10.02.2018    Comments: 3    Tags: tulsi gabbard  gender pay gap  
I always viewed Tulsi Gabbard as one of the logical choices for president and would vote for her in an election without hesitation.  I was actually hoping; when I thought
by SecretCorners 10.02.2018    Comments: 2    Tags: free speech  
It is ironic that it is Democrats that are pushing against free speech.  I consider free speech one of the cornerstones for a democracy.  I am glad that I left university before all this stupidity came down.
by legacycowgirl 09.02.2018    Comments: 4    Tags: home  thoughts  
Today my horoscope is spot on. You excel when you have the necessary skillset to accomplish a well-defined job. However, without clear direction you might flounder, unable to make use of your talents. Fortunately,
by Geek-Girl 08.02.2018    Comments: 4    Tags: checkout is safe  
Using your debit or credit card to donate or purchase memberships and storage on Shmoo is perfectly safe.  We never see your information and it is not stored on our sever.  We use PayPal for the processor; when you go to check out, choose the option to pay by credi
by SecretCorners 07.02.2018    Comments: 2    Tags: offended  
It is easy to say that I will just sit in my cozy home and spend the days working in my gardens and ignore the bullshit that is happening outside in the world.  However, doing so means that eventually the outside world will invade your cozy home and trample your ga
by SecretCorners 06.02.2018    Comments: 7    Tags: racism  
Here is a prime example of racism against whites.
by SecretCorners 06.02.2018    Comments: 5    Tags: cultural heritage  
It is not enough that Sweden is actively working to turn their country into an Islamic state; now with the highest incidence of rape of any country in the world; and let's be honest, it is migrants raping Swedish women and girls, now they are actively working to de
by SecretCorners 05.02.2018    Comments: 8    Tags: meet and greet  
Should I do a meet and greet?  What should I include?  What should I omit?  What if I include something I shouldn't?  Will my friends shun me or cross the street to avoid me?  Once you put it out there; it is out there for good.
by SecretCorners 03.02.2018    Comments: 12    Tags: feminist bullshit  
Are feminists idiots that can not understand why there is a gender wage difference or do they have an agenda to hurt all men?  Well, a good majority of them are idiots with limited intelligence but I believe the main goal is to hurt all men
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