by SecretCorners 23.06.2018    Comments: 28    Tags: gremlins  
I finished cutting the grass in the front garden and stopped the mower to empty the bag.  I go to the back garden and I pulled a couple of times on the starter rope and it pulls out of the starter.  Luckily it started so I got the back garden finished and then left
by VeroMariquita 22.06.2018    Comments: 7    Tags: poem  
I Meant To Do My Work Today
by SecretCorners 21.06.2018    Comments: 5    Tags: garbage  
No, he was picking up garbage and throwing it away.  The man was homeless but evidently he was also too damn lazy to pick up the garbage strewn around him; empty bottles, paper, plastic bags, etc.  California is going broke just cleaning up the garbage that the hom
by SecretCorners 20.06.2018    Comments: 6    Tags: front garden  
I got the front bed beside the upper fence finished; mostly.  I had to dig up the existing post; along with the large amount of concrete around it, and use it for the post you see to the right of the opening.  That was a job I hope I don't have to repeat any time s
by SecretCorners 19.06.2018    Comments: 1    Tags: election integrity  
We may as well hang it up now.  A federal judge ruled Monday that Kansas cannot require documentary proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote.  So if you can't ensure that the people voting are citizens, then there goes the whole integrity of the elections.  I
by SecretCorners 18.06.2018    Comments: 0    Tags: feminist bullshit  
Yes, one should be able to walk through the park at three in the morning without fear of being attacked but that isn't the world we live in.  If you want to walk through the park at three in the morning you probably should take precautions; like having a magnum 357
No matter your stance, you have to admit this was well done.
by SecretCorners 16.06.2018    Comments: 6    Tags: front garden  
The opening in the upper fence of the front garden required a move due to an azalea bush growing out into the opening.  I had contemplated moving the azalea years ago but just didn't have anywhere to place it.  I did not want to trim it back so I decided I would mo
by SecretCorners 14.06.2018    Comments: 1    Tags: gross
by SecretCorners 12.06.2018    Comments: 1    Tags: cultural marxism  
These people don't care if people die due to shoddy engineering as long as they can push their cultural Marxist agenda.
by SecretCorners 12.06.2018    Comments: 8    Tags: sick of this junk  
I have to print some documents and get them in the post in a few days.  I go to turn the printer on and it won't stay on.  Of course there is nothing on this because the damn printer manufacturers don't care.  Everything today is junk, made in Mexico or Chi
by SecretCorners 11.06.2018    Comments: 2    Tags: internet  net neutrality  
Net neutrality is dead.  I believe in a well regulated market; history shows what happens in a truly free market without any regulations.  Knowing the past history of ISPs, I think things will change for the worst. 
by SecretCorners 09.06.2018    Comments: 11    Tags: gardening  hard work  
I have been pushing hard to get all the flower beds weeded and mulched.  I have also been pulling up the borders around the beds.  I like to use natural stone for the borders and over the course of a few years they will sink into the grou
by SecretCorners 07.06.2018    Comments: 4    Tags: f-ing the poor  
A Dallas councilwoman admits on camera that they can fuck the poor but not the rich.
by SecretCorners 06.06.2018    Comments: 12    Tags: nasty obit  
by VeroMariquita 06.06.2018    Comments: 12    Tags: june  
I wish I could share with the whole country!!
by Geek-Girl 05.06.2018    Comments: 2    Tags: comments  
I am noticing that comment sections with videos; as far as I can tell, jump to the top of the comment section when the comments auto-refresh.  I could make the default action for comments to not auto-refresh until I have time to look into this issue.  However, wha
by SecretCorners 04.06.2018    Comments: 6    Tags: deer  gardening.  
If you don't have a dog to keep the deer out of your garden, this stuff works.  They also make a concentrate that is cheaper than buying the ready to use.
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