by SecretCorners 16.07.2018    Comments: 2    Tags: politics  
This could easily become the United States.  In fact, if Hillary had won the election, that is exactly the direction the US would have move towards.  I know many are not political, they just want to enjoy their way of life.  The problem is that you have to be polit
by legacycowgirl 14.07.2018    Comments: 17    Tags: fun  
Mushrooms - scarambled eggs - fresh gr beans and tomato salad
by SecretCorners 13.07.2018    Comments: 3    Tags: politics
by legacycowgirl 12.07.2018    Comments: 12    Tags: fun  
Wanted...Someone to come and tell me I've won a free car wash, wax and detailing. Or at least help me wash and wax my 4 Runner...
by SecretCorners 11.07.2018    Comments: 8    Tags: copper chef  
My fabulous copper non-stick pan sticks like all hell.  So I check the paper that came with the pan and yes, I have a lifetime warranty.  However, I have to pay to ship the pan back to the company to get a replacement.  Which means I basically pay for a new pan.  N
by SecretCorners 11.07.2018    Comments: 15    Tags: garden  butternut  
I do have a few things producing in the garden.  I have some eggplants that are nearing ready and I picked a few cucumbers.  I don't seem to have any cantaloupes; I got the seeds mixed up with cukes so it looks like I will have plenty of cucumbers this year.  I had
by legacycowgirl 10.07.2018    Comments: 6    Tags: omg  
by SecretCorners 10.07.2018    Comments: 3    Tags: google  youtube  
Google is now going to add "authoritative context"; links, news articles, etc. to certain videos on YouTube.  So who decides if something is authoritative?  It will also be interesting to see what content they add these "authoritative context" to and which videos g
by SecretCorners 09.07.2018    Comments: 3    Tags: politics  
Trump is going to announce his pick for Supreme Court tonight at 9 pm eastern.  Only 51 votes are needed for confirmation thanks to the Democrats changing the rules of the Senate during Obama's administration.  I warned the Democrats that it would come back to bite
by SecretCorners 08.07.2018    Comments: 1    Tags: #walkaway  
#WalkAway I think my Mum would be disgusted at what is happening today.
by SecretCorners 07.07.2018    Comments: 7    Tags: democrats  politics  
I flagged this as political content so anyone that don't want to watch can just ignore it.  The Democratic party is trying to kill itself and that will be a good thing.  The Democratic party is now embracing Socialists.
by SecretCorners 05.07.2018    Comments: 14    Tags: holiday  july 4th  
Sister #1 invited me over to a little gath
by legacycowgirl 03.07.2018    Comments: 4    Tags: omg  
Yea, had to go Krogering. They of course have moved everything around again and was out of most things I was after. They don't pull that crap with me coz I find what I buy and I don't fall prey to thei
by SecretCorners 03.07.2018    Comments: 3    Tags: ouch  
I turned on the hosepipe and let the water run a bit and then tested it with my finger. It was still hot enough to burn me.  Ouch.  I guess I will live.
by SecretCorners 03.07.2018    Comments: 0    Tags: google voice  sip  pbx  
As I reported, Google is going to kill XMPP connections to Google Voice.  Simon Telephonics will be shutting down the Google Voice Gateway because of scaling issues.  However, there is good news.  The Asterisk folks have been working hard to have Asterisk connect t
by SecretCorners 03.07.2018    Comments: 4    Tags: gardening  
It was too hot to work in the gardens today.  My sister gave me another daylily but I am unsure where to plant it.  I could enlarge the new bed in the back garden or make a small bed in the front garden.  I cleaned up the side porch and put the two hibiscus planter
by SecretCorners 03.07.2018    Comments: 3    Tags: trump  
I thought Trump Derangement Syndrome was something peculiar to the United States but I am seeing it far and wide.  Strange.
by SecretCorners 03.07.2018    Comments: 1    Tags: dan  
Dan is not being honest.  I don't have any more to say and anyone interested can visit my blog post and see what went down.  As I said, for some reason he started out being abusive and calling me names which I let go.  I did notice that the last chat we had he was
by Midianlord 02.07.2018    Comments: 0    Tags: politics  
Yeah, really. Apparently, using a borderline neo-Nazi conspiracist --BlackPenisSquirts or something like that-- to get a response from a Slavic-Jewish Canadian about the political climate of Canada doesn't count as "provocation" to some. Pontificating about the same even
by SecretCorners 02.07.2018    Comments: 11    Tags: blocked  
He attacked me, unprovoked, called me names; which I did not report, yada yada yada and he blocks me.  I was feeling bad about Dan the other day because we use to have good discussions; however, I don't any more.  I just feel sad for him.  A shrink friend once told me that it is not about you, it
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