by Midianlord 22.11.2017    Comments: 0    Tags: politics/culture  
Seriously?I'd be suing the living fuck out of those three bullies in as public a manner as such things can be made, and not resting until they are professionally and financially destroyed.
by SecretCorners 21.11.2017    Comments: 0    Tags: stupidity  
Is there no end to the stupidity?  Nothing objectifies women more than a damn beauty pageant.  Women willingly don skimpy swimsuits that has their boobs and arses hanging out and they complain about men looking at them?
by SecretCorners 21.11.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: sexual harassment  
Well folks, they are dropping like flies.  Charlie Rose was suspended by CBS on Monday after eight women accused him of sexual harassment, with allegations including groping, unwanted sexual advances, inappropriate phone calls, and being naked in front of them.
by SecretCorners 20.11.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: evil islam  
There is a lot of bullshit in the story of Caitlan Coleman Boyle and her husband Joshua Boyle.  This couple is full of bullshit; what woman that is pregnant decides to travel to a war zone?  Look at the pictures below, she is wearing that damn crap around her head.  Go cry your crocodile tears el
by SecretCorners 20.11.2017    Comments: 3    Tags: twitter  sjw  
In case you have not heard, Twitter is going to start purging accounts they deem to be hateful, etc.  Come December 18 if Twitter does not like what you have to say they will delete your accounts.  Everyone is going to end up at Gab and Twitter will only be an echo
by SecretCorners 19.11.2017    Comments: 4    Tags: alt-left  propaganda  
I suppose next July 4th celebrations in the USA with people waving American flags will actually be a Nazi parade.   Those devious Nazi bastards will stop at nothing to fool us.
by Midianlord 19.11.2017    Comments: 0    Tags: tuneage  
Perhaps it takes a Brit's satirical vision of America to inform us what the blatant confidence scam known as the "American DreamTM" really is, nu? Like all the best satire/black comedy, this is both hilarious, and profoundly sad.
by SecretCorners 18.11.2017    Comments: 1    Tags: toxic femininity  
With all these regressive left panels about toxic masculinity now that we are inundated with sex scandals, I don't hear anything about the sexual misconducts of women.  How about panels on toxic femininity?  Just today in the news there are two reports about female
by SecretCorners 17.11.2017    Comments: 0    Tags: smart meters  
While they have us fighting about things that don't exist, such as gender pay gap and institutionalised racism, the real danger is presented in this video and it is sanctioned by both the Democrats and Republicans.  It is a long vid but worth watching.
by SecretCorners 14.11.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: black racism  
by Midianlord 13.11.2017    Comments: 4    Tags: politics/culture  
This could easily have become me, were I not cursed with just a bit too much self-awareness and introversion for my own good. Thank Dog, it's less and less likely as I age, given that those selfsame two qualities continue to harden into through-and-through misanthropy, an
First-term Democrat Jennifer Schwartz Berky lost to Republican Brian Wol
And if there are not enough women willing to fill the jobs for a 50-50 split (and why 50-50; shouldn't it be based on population percentage?) then they will FORCE women to take the jobs.  In reality, what I see will happen is that women will quit the jobs they are f
by SecretCorners 09.11.2017    Comments: 6    Tags: racism hoaxes  
There is racism against Blacks; only it appears to be perpetrated by Blacks.  We can probably guess why this was done and we have seen a lot of these since Trump was elected president. A racist mes
by Midianlord 07.11.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: tuneage  
Never mind the band's "official" name; The real Sepultura has fuckin' returned, bitches!
by Midianlord 03.11.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: tuneage  
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