by SecretCorners 10.12.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: waste of taxpayers money  
Scott Walker, republican governor of Wisconsin, is planning to move ahead on requiring recipients of food stamps to be tested for drug use.  The Walker administration estimated that a small fraction of the program's applicants -- 220, or 0.3 percent, of the 67,
by SecretCorners 07.12.2017    Comments: 4    Tags: flowers  pineapple sage  
Still blooming although I am sure its days are numbered.
by SecretCorners 06.12.2017    Comments: 5    Tags: sjws  
by SecretCorners 04.12.2017    Comments: 10    Tags: baffled  
Can someone please explain to me why the left loves Islam so much when they proclaim to be for gays and Jews?  The last time I checked, Islam teaches Muslims to hate and kill gays and Jews.
by SecretCorners 02.12.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: song  
by SecretCorners 01.12.2017    Comments: 1    Tags: holiday season  bowie  crosby  
Since it is the season I thought I would drag this one out again. David Bowie appeared on Bing Crosby's Christmas special.  Crosby wanted to sing the "Littler Drummer Boy" and Bowie hated the song; which I don't blame him and where in the blazes does the Christmas
by SecretCorners 27.11.2017    Comments: 12    Tags: sjws  
The SJW arseholes won't leave anything alone.  Now they are saying the holiday song, "Baby, It's Cold Outside" teaches boys and men to be rapists.  What a load of horse shit.
by SecretCorners 25.11.2017    Comments: 4    Tags: feminists  
The video says it all
by SecretCorners 25.11.2017    Comments: 9    Tags: black friday  
I decided to venture out today on Black Friday to get some good deals.  There was a waffle iron that I had my eye on.  After I pushed and shoved my way back to the small appliances, I spied the item of my delight.  However, as I reached
by Midianlord 24.11.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: politics/culture  
The usual official apology, in the craven, sweating hope that they don't get sued. Which they absolutely still should be. Like I said before, I'm not normally one to favour litigation as the go-to for legitimate redress --that way lies the cesspit of America-- but these things exist
by SecretCorners 23.11.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: net neutrality  
Net Neutrality is coming to an end; thanks to Trump and that worthless POS he put as head of the FCC.  I have said it before, what Trump is, is a republican.  Therefore, he is going to help rich corporations all he can.  I am already paying what I can afford for in
by Midianlord 22.11.2017    Comments: 3    Tags: computing  
So, anyone recommend a good new Internet browser to switch to from FireFox? Must be customisable, fast, reasonably secure, and its developers must have the word "privacy" and "user-consent" in their frigging vocabularies. Seriously, this shit's pissing me right the fuck off
by Midianlord 22.11.2017    Comments: 6    Tags: politics/culture  
Seriously?I'd be suing the living fuck out of those three bullies in as public a manner as such things can be made, and not resting until they are professionally and financially destroyed.
by SecretCorners 21.11.2017    Comments: 0    Tags: stupidity  
Is there no end to the stupidity?  Nothing objectifies women more than a damn beauty pageant.  Women willingly don skimpy swimsuits that has their boobs and arses hanging out and they complain about men looking at them?
by SecretCorners 21.11.2017    Comments: 4    Tags: sexual harassment  
Well folks, they are dropping like flies.  Charlie Rose was suspended by CBS on Monday after eight women accused him of sexual harassment, with allegations including groping, unwanted sexual advances, inappropriate phone calls, and being naked in front of them.
by SecretCorners 20.11.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: evil islam  
There is a lot of bullshit in the story of Caitlan Coleman Boyle and her husband Joshua Boyle.  This couple is full of bullshit; what woman that is pregnant decides to travel to a war zone?  Look at the pictures below, she is wearing that damn crap around her head.  Go cry your crocodile tears el
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