While the majority may only have gotten a weak watered down version of US history in grade school, that does not have to be the case if one is willing to learn.  My major was engineering but I took the opportunity to take history courses even though they did not co
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Not long ago I had someone to say to me; "I am surprised that you are supporting..."  My response is that I don't support anyone.  To me, supporting someone means that you are willing to go along with everything that person does.  I evaluate each individual action
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I have just added a blog post to my Robust Debate group.  Come, let's debate.  The blog is a video by Sargon of Akkad YouTuber with examples of Carlson interviewing alt-lefters with commentary by Sargon.  The group is open to anyone, invite your friends etc.  All o
One of the nice things about the interweb is that we can gain access to lectures that we normally might never see. 
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I cut some wood back in the spring and I am just now getting around to hauling it out of the little valley.  I have made four trips so far; the photo shows number three.  There is also some oak and locust that I need to haul.  The wood will need to be split and stacked.
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You won't believe this folks:
by SecretCorners 11.09.2017    Comments: 12    Tags: this week in stupid  
It is not my intention to post these each week; it is just that what Sargon had to say this week was too important to past up.  The alt-left have gone bat shit crazy.
by SecretCorners 10.09.2017    Comments: 5    Tags: holiday  
Time to do a happy dance, , I am going on holiday.  My sister has invited me to go on her holiday trip to a beautiful four be
by SecretCorners 09.09.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: equifax hack  
So a huge corporation can collect all sorts of credit data; including social security numbers, addresses, and driver's licenses without obtaining permission from the citizens and then put up some weak web security and expose 143 million people and it is just an oop
by SecretCorners 07.09.2017    Comments: 8    Tags: sjw  weirdo woman  
This time it is a restaurant in Marysville, Washington.  An idiot of a woman thought she could walk into a family restaurants wearing a crop top with the word "Weirdo" written on it.  The reason she thought she could do this was because she was pregnant and wanted
by SecretCorners 04.09.2017    Comments: 5    Tags: labour day  
Here it is, Labour Day again; the last hurrah of summer.  Summer will soon be over.  It has not been a good summer for me.  My transmission went out on my car on July 3 and remained down until a couple of weeks ago.  I have yet to tally up what I ended up spending on the repairs to the car but it
by SecretCorners 02.09.2017    Comments: 7    Tags: nation of idiots  
I have said it before but it appears the USA is a nation of idiots.  I might could have overlooked the stupidity of the clerk but the manager?  No.  The police officer?  No.
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Poor peanut guy; he was just trying to fight the Nazis with some delicious snacks.
by SecretCorners 21.08.2017    Comments: 3    Tags: car repairs  transmissions  
I took the car for a test drive and it did shift through all the gears.  However, I am not sure they are shifting when they should at this time.  The shift points in this car are controlled by a PCM so the car needs to be driven so the computer can relearn.  For th
by SecretCorners 20.08.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: problems  
Just when I thought I was at the end, today when I mounted the driver's side wheel it is not going all the way on.  I will have to take the wheel off, the brake caliper, and the rotor and inspect to see what is wrong.  Will this project never end?
by SecretCorners 20.08.2017    Comments: 4    Tags: bee gees  
Not a Bee Gees fan but I do like this song.
by SecretCorners 18.08.2017    Comments: 0    Tags: filter issue  
Today I had one more issue to appear but it is a minor one; more of an inconvenience than anything.  I dropped the pan on the transmission to install the filter.  I wish I had not waited.  When I went to push the filter into the hole, it would not go.  There is nothing retaining the filter in pla
by SecretCorners 16.08.2017    Comments: 1    Tags: car repair  
I went to put the bolt back in the bushing retainer for the stabiliser bar and the bolt would not start.  I first thought that the bushing retainer was keeping the bolt from starting but after clamping it down, found that not to be the case.  I examined the threads
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