Geek-Girl's Notes
by Geek-Girl 26.03.2018    Comments: 11    Tags: default values  
You can set the default viewing privacy of your content so you don't have to change it each time you add content.  Go to your Account page.  Then on the menu click on Privacy Groups.  Scroll down the page and you will see Default Values.  There you can set the def
by Geek-Girl 08.02.2018    Comments: 4    Tags: checkout is safe  
Using your debit or credit card to donate or purchase memberships and storage on Shmoo is perfectly safe.  We never see your information and it is not stored on our sever.  We use PayPal for the processor; when you go to check out, choose the option to pay by credi
by Geek-Girl 21.02.2014    Comments: 4    Tags: notes upgraded  
One thing is the addition of social share.  However, even more important is that Notes will now appear in the block on the home page of new content to the site.  Also, you will see Notes in the notification areas.  This will help you see when your friends have posted new Notes.  This lack of noti
by Geek-Girl 19.01.2013    Comments: 8    Tags: strange telephone call  
I got a telephone call and after I said "Hello" the other person said, "Ashley".  I asked if that was a question and then the caller said, "Hello, hello, hello" at which point I hung up.  Then they called back, I said "Hello" and the caller said "Ashley" at which point I said, "You call here and
by Geek-Girl 11.01.2013    Comments: 2    Tags: computer security  
A new security alert has been issued for JAVA and it seems the solution is to remove JAVA.  This alert is coming from, of all places, Homeland Security. You can learn more by following this link: