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by Midianlord 01.07.2017    Comments: 6    Tags: politics  
We hardly knew ye. The real Canada died at the hands of the detestable quisling Brian Mulroney, and thanks to the vapid junior Trudeau --clearly not his father's son in any way that matters-- the Balkanisation continues. Well, it's not polite to make too m
by Midianlord 20.06.2017    Comments: 8    Tags: black comedy  
https://www.thetruckersreport.com/will-walmart-replace-drivers-employees-way-home-work/ Because I'm sure this will be completely voluntary, and will pay a fair and just wage. Scumbags.
by Midianlord 16.06.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: i haz a sad  
It has come to this. Fuck me sideways, it has come to this. Holy shit, I can't even...
by Midianlord 04.05.2017    Comments: 4    Tags: culture  
"Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory,
by Midianlord 09.02.2017    Comments: 6    Tags: politics  
Yep. I have officially lost my last tenuous connections to my leftist ideals. Whatever, they were just taking up space and whinging anyway. Hey, that's like what SJWs do, innit. Score one for consistency! Proof: My admittedly rather less-than-measured reaction/comment on this
by Midianlord 06.02.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: culture  
Because when "gun" isn't enough, then surely "more gun" will fix everything! http://www.szecseidoubleboltrepeater.ca/about.html W
by Midianlord 13.01.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: gaming  
The first question I ask anymore when I look at a  new online/multi-player game --so, so much zero-integrity/shit quality "free"-to-play garbage out there-- is not even: "Is this game pay-to-win?"
by Midianlord 16.12.2016    Comments: 4    Tags: politics  
“There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ig
by Midianlord 13.12.2016    Comments: 5    Tags: culture  
Seriously, I don't even... They actually thought that this is OK. I can't even find words in Polish foul enough to encompass my contem
by Midianlord 10.12.2016    Comments: 5    Tags: politics  
Apparently, the CEO of ExxonMobil is to be the second-rate grifter's/repellent wad of fuck's top choice for Secretary of State, now that former NYC Mayor Rudolph Gulliani has withdrawn.
by Midianlord 18.11.2016    Comments: 7    Tags: computers  
So, I find myself running out of SSD space (120 Gb total) like, a lot over the last month or so without actually downloading or installing anything new. I've already deleted restore-point/files, shut off hibernation (and deleted those files) run Disk Cleanup frequently, moved pretty much e
by Midianlord 13.11.2016    Comments: 2    Tags: gaming  
...This guy just said so wonderfully well.
by Midianlord 02.11.2016    Comments: 2    Tags: gaming  
Been playing the first two Mass Effect games lately, and overall enjoying them, despite their flaws. Not sure yet when I'll buy the final game in the series --yes, I know to get the Extended Cut version!-- but man... Playing through ME reminds me of just how depressingl
by Midianlord 05.07.2016    Comments: 4    Tags: world  
...Imagine how much better life could be, if: We who get the wonderful, growth-fostering opportunity to work for our living, one day all told our apparent "superiors": "Pull your fucking head in --I am not afraid of you, and I don't care what you think of that, I'm only her
by Midianlord 19.06.2016    Comments: 6    Tags: world  
Are "Social Justice Warriors (SJWs)" getting you down? Tired of people you've never even met trying to force you to self-censor your intellect to match their level of intellectual cowardice and/or emotional immaturity? Show them/direct them to this:
by Midianlord 29.05.2016    Comments: 8    Tags: world  
How does one completely destroy a trucking company of approximately 40 prime-movers, 130-odd trailers,  and 60-70ish employees? Completely. Fucking. Erase from existence. I can't get it out of my head.The way those pieces of dogshit treated m
by Midianlord 25.04.2016    Comments: 1    Tags: gaming  
See, I'm not the only inveterate solo-ist out there. Check this out, this might as well have been written by me, with a few small differences. https://superior-realitie
by Midianlord 12.04.2016    Comments: 4    Tags: gaming  
I think that I'm going to give The Secret World a try in a little bit... Also, past due for another "armchair MMO-dev/producer" post, SoonTM
by Midianlord 20.02.2016    Comments: 3    Tags: world  
Two weeks' notice handed in two weeks ago this Monday. I should have an easy last day: Just a switch at Lake Louise with a BC driver bringing a trailer over the Big Rocks, should be done in 8 hours if the weather co-operates. Yes, soon-to-be-ex employer, you made it absolutely
by Midianlord 21.01.2016    Comments: 3    Tags: world  
I'm not normally a country fan, but I could barely get through this without wanting to fucking cry... That's right in the bloody feels... This is on my mind a lot lately, as I prepare to hand in my notice to this utterly toxic piece of shit I work for. How dare they.
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