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by SecretCorners 23.03.2018    Comments: 1    Tags: free speech  hate speech  islam  
I don't know why the left has gone down this road.  In the US many think it is to create a large enough voting block to regain power and keep it.  However, I think it goes further and I have been thinking about writing about it.
by SecretCorners 22.03.2018    Comments: 7    Tags: music  
It appears that for some reason, the music recording industry has decided to clip music tracks.  The following video was posted at the end of last year but it was news to me.  What say the music folks on here?
by SecretCorners 21.03.2018    Comments: 9    Tags: bombs  austin texas  
Someone or ones are sending package bombs to Austin,Texas.  So far there has been six bombs although the latest is not thought to be connected. The string of explosions in Austin, which have left two dead and injure
by SecretCorners 20.03.2018    Comments: 8    Tags: search students now  
You may have heard that a Maryland school shooting occurred.  A 14-year-old boy was wounded and is in stable condition. A 16-year-old girl who was also wounded is in intensive care with life-threatening injuries.  Perhaps if they would required all students to be s
by SecretCorners 20.03.2018    Comments: 9    Tags: spring  
Happy dance time; , it is the first day of spring.  Spring has sprung.  Bring it on!
A pedestrian bridge stretching across a street on the Florida International University campus in Miami collapsed Thursday afternoon, killing multiple people, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.
by SecretCorners 15.03.2018    Comments: 18    Tags: guess who  
by SecretCorners 14.03.2018    Comments: 4    Tags: iq tests  
Peterson mentions in the video that working at fast food requires more skill that what is possible with robots.  During one of the expos; a robot was introduced that could cook beef burgers; as AI increases, we will see robots doing more low skilled jobs such as fa
by SecretCorners 13.03.2018    Comments: 1    Tags: video manipulation  
We have already seen manipulation of audio recordings and now we have real time manipulation of video.  Watch this; it is pretty amazing.  We know we can't take photographs at face value, and now audio and video recordings can no longer be accepted at face value. 
by SecretCorners 13.03.2018    Comments: 2    Tags: satire  
President Trump, you can't fool me, I know you are a misogynist.  Putting the first woman as head of the CIA is just a smoke screen as well as all the other positions you have filled with women.
by SecretCorners 13.03.2018    Comments: 0    Tags: trade wars  
The Black Pigeon explains Trump's tariff move.  See, the US does not sell any longer, it just buys and that is not good.
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I am not going to make any comments on the content at this time except to say the latter part of the video really had my blood boiling.
by SecretCorners 11.03.2018    Comments: 12    Tags: computer woes  
The desktop is dead.  It won't boot, too many bad sectors on the hard drive.  I am using the laptop and a tiny keyboard to type on which means lots of mistakes.  It isn't even ergonomic.  Not sure how much work I can get done on this thing.  I will have to get a ne
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