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by SecretCorners 23.05.2018    Comments: 4    Tags: gardening  money  
For some time now I have had to deal with the wheelbarrow tyre going flat.  The tube has several patches on it from past repairs.  The rubber has dry rotted; you can see a a great number of tiny cracks.  I was able to pump the tyre up and use it for a number of hou
by SecretCorners 22.05.2018    Comments: 4    Tags: funny and sad  
I don't know what to say about this one; LOL.
by SecretCorners 21.05.2018    Comments: 13    Tags: gardening  hard work  
I have been pushing hard to get the mulch from the pile in the drive to the flower beds.  I have most of the front garden done.  There is still the side garden, the little garden beside the shed, and the back garden to do.  I hope I ha
by SecretCorners 19.05.2018    Comments: 4    Tags: battery charger  
I got one, off of fleabay, new in open box.  $50.12 with shipping.  They delayed in shipping so it will be Monday before it arrives on my door stoop.  I didn't want to pay that price but it was actually cheaper than the retail price of the unit.  It is a necessity
by SecretCorners 17.05.2018    Comments: 4    Tags: compliments  
My sister invited me to lunch today and I gladly accepted.  I decided to leave early and stop by a few shops to pick up some needed items that I was running low on.  At the first stop a man opened the door for me and remarked, "You are looking pretty today."  I smi
by SecretCorners 15.05.2018    Comments: 8    Tags: gardening  
Planted to date: green beans, black-eyed peas, two variety of sweet potatoes, white potatoes, cucumbers (long), pumpkins, okra, two varieties of tomatoes (Beef and Roma not quite ready), green (bell) pepper, cayenne pepper, jalapeños peppers, eggplant (I can find a
by SecretCorners 13.05.2018    Comments: 11    Tags: battery charger  
I have looked through dozen of listings and I just don't know.  I need a battery charger because the one I have the transformer went out.  I tried finding a centre tapped 6/12 volt transformer to repair it without luck.  It has to have a six volt output in case I n
by SecretCorners 13.05.2018    Comments: 5    Tags: gardening  toad  
I was working in the little valley today planting several things.  As I was using the rake to make a hill to plant some sweet potatoes out popped a toad.  Scared the bejesus out of me.  It hopped a short distance and just sat there not moving.  I had to work around
by SecretCorners 12.05.2018    Comments: 8    Tags: gardening  
I got my mulch!  Happy Dance
by SecretCorners 12.05.2018    Comments: 2    Tags: food drive  
I have gotten a lot of help over the last few years and one way that I can pay it forward is with a donation to the food drive.  I appreciate every bit of help from my friends and it is not always easy to accept help even when the need is great.
by SecretCorners 11.05.2018    Comments: 5    Tags: food drive  
Don't forget that this Saturday, 12 of May, is the annual letter carriers association food drive.  Even if you only give a tin of beans that will help.  Last year donations were down so let's all pitch in and do what we can.  No glass containers please as they coul
by SecretCorners 10.05.2018    Comments: 13    Tags: gardening  
I managed to get the back garden electric fence back in place.  T-posts are great for building fences but you have to brace the corners; I used T-posts for the bracing.  There is a high output fence charger that will shock deer through their hollow hairs.  I need t
by SecretCorners 06.05.2018    Comments: 5    Tags: yeah  
I don't celebrate Cinco de Mayo, I am an American.  I don't celebrate Bastille Day either.  However, I will be celebrating July 4th, American Independence.
by SecretCorners 05.05.2018    Comments: 0    Tags: fake news  
The dishonesty of the left leaning media is clearly evident.  Computer Forever does a good job of illustrating this.
by SecretCorners 04.05.2018    Comments: 6    Tags: 8n ford  
I dropped off the turn plough and when I climbed back on to move to the disc all I got was whirl, whirl, whirl, when I pressed the starter.  Dang, the bendix won't engage again.  On these old 8N tractors the starter bendix gear engages through inertia instead of an
by SecretCorners 04.05.2018    Comments: 8    Tags: gardening  
I stopped at a local nursery and got some flowers
by SecretCorners 01.05.2018    Comments: 6    Tags: gardening  
It is not looking good for the Canna Lilies.  We basically got flooded out this winter and things that can't sit in water rotted on me.  I think all of the butterfly ginger is gone and my canna lilies may all be gone as well.  The canna lilies have done well over t
by SecretCorners 01.05.2018    Comments: 1    Tags: sjw bullshit  
"Keziah Daum is not apologizing for wearing what she calls a "beautiful" Chinese cheongsam dress to her high school prom, despite receiving backlash from thousands of people online, some of whom called her a "closet racist" and accused her of cultural appropriation." See the full bullshit
by SecretCorners 01.05.2018    Comments: 3    Tags: may day  
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