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Mental illness is the o
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Yes, that Dali, Salvador D
by SecretCorners 21.07.2017    Comments: 2    Tags: celebrate  
The trans is out and I am going to celebrate.  While digging in the freezer I found a small tub of butter pecan ice cream.  So I decided I was going to celebrate and dug some more and found a steak I had been saving for a special occasion.  I heated the barbie and
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The transmission is out of the car!  I found another broken trans mount; so that is tw
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I managed to get the sub frame split and removed on the driver's side.  This was important because I should now have t
by SecretCorners 18.07.2017    Comments: 8    Tags: car repair  
Progress on the car has come to a halt over a 13 mm box end spanner.  I thought I had one but none was to be found.  I feel like I am doing brain surgery with a pick and shovel.  I don't really have the proper tools.  I have a handful of sockets and a handful of sp
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Are you a cis white male but have not been seeing anything extra from your privilege? The problem is that you have never applied for your privilege card. Once you receive your privilege card you will be able to use it
by SecretCorners 15.07.2017    Comments: 5    Tags: aliens  
Now this is interesting.  Could this be a real alien life found on Earth?
by SecretCorners 14.07.2017    Comments: 7    Tags: egine support  
This is my DIY engine support.  The span is around 158 cm for each of the 2x4s.  The wide sid
by SecretCorners 13.07.2017    Comments: 3    Tags: idiots  
You probably only need one guess as to who the idiot was that named their child a direction.
by SecretCorners 13.07.2017    Comments: 1    Tags: eve online  
EVE Online has finally launched the Project Discovery mini-game it announced earlier this year. EVE
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You may have read the story about Ashley Murrell who made her husband sleep on the sofa after a row to only find him dead the next morning.  You may have read about how broken Ashley Murrell was over the lost of her true love.  You may have read how when Ashley fou
You may have read where a teenager was electrocuted when she dropped her phone int
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The good part is that these idiots did not kill any innocent people by their stupidity.  The passenger is dead and the driver is in serious condition in hospital.  Vehicles are not toys; they are dangerous machines and in the wrong hands that can inflict injury and
My sister invited me on a mini holiday; her paying for everything.  So I agree and we took an overnight trip to a daylily farm and then some sightseeing the next day.  We arrived back to my home this evening.  After my sister left to head back home, I decided to go
by SecretCorners 01.07.2017    Comments: 4    Tags: blueberries  bread  
I picked some blueberries from my bushes and decided I would bake a loaf of blueberry bread.
by SecretCorners 25.06.2017    Comments: 13    Tags: mattel  barie and ken  
I don't think I will be buying any of these new Barbie and Ken dolls.  Actually, I quit collecting Barbie dolls a long time ago; I might can get half of what I paid for them.  I use to buy the pink box dolls and then the updated outfits and redress the pink box dol
by SecretCorners 24.06.2017    Comments: 4    Tags: trump  confidence man  
Scott Adams calls Trump the Master Persuader.  I call Trump the Great Confidence Man. However, the two go hand in hand; you cannot be a great confidence man without being a master persuader.  Trump pulled one of the biggest cons of all time; he persuaded enough Ame
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