VeroMariquita's Notes
by VeroMariquita 14.04.2018    Comments: 18    Tags: taters  
Plantin taters No offers of help will be rejected.
by VeroMariquita 11.04.2018    Comments: 12    Tags: poomore  
08:47:37...I SEE SUNSHINE! Hopeful for a warmer day just perfect to work outdoors.
by VeroMariquita 09.04.2018    Comments: 9    Tags: monday  
Monday!! Laundry day...five loads washed, dried and put away.
by VeroMariquita 07.04.2018    Comments: 12    Tags: laff  
Today must be National comedy  appreciation day!! This morning Gina was showing off her recently acquired knowledge of nanotechnology to her grandpa. She explained all about the minute siz
by VeroMariquita 07.04.2018    Comments: 4    Tags: testing  
What happens when you "feature" a post?
by VeroMariquita 06.04.2018    Comments: 25    Tags: snow  
 Snow predicted tonight in the hills of WV.
by VeroMariquita 28.01.2018    Comments: 7    Tags: blessyou  
I never posted a note here either. Hmmm...