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by Midianlord 23.08.2013    Comments: 2    Tags: mmo gaming  
Yup, it turns out my GPU itself had gone "urp." But a quick under-warantee RMA (RMA = Return Merchandise Authorisation) later, and back in we go! Glad I could actually play Wildstar now, if/when I receive an invite to the Beta-testing. For now tho
by  31.12.2012    Comments: 9    Tags: shmooze  
I wonder what's actually working on shmooze... Tried to upload videos, they go to never never land , tried to upload music, "YOU HAVE NO ACCESS...", too many redundant buttons..., tried to write a note (this note), I ought to tag it....
by SecretCorners 20.02.2013    Comments: 7    Tags: 16 year old slut  
"(CNN) -- An anti-abortion legal organization in Texas has won a restraining order against the parents of a 16-year-old girl, saying that the couple is trying to coerce the teen into having an abortion." That is fine; what the parents need to tell the daughter is that if she wants to have
by SecretCorners 08.04.2013    Comments: 2    Tags: thatcher  iron pants  
Margaret Thatcher dies following stroke.
by lorieh 19.03.2013    Comments: 16    Tags: multiply  
Anybody else noticing that Multiply is MIA? I was just on there this morning and posted a blog and then POOF!! You could not access the website anymore. Darnit!!! I didn't get to say another good-bye and it had been so long since my first good-bye it called for another one. Oh well, we knew it wa
by  05.01.2013    Comments: 1    Tags: misc  
I know I should just say thank you, but I can't. "Anonymous"...I'm to
by MoiMoii 08.01.2013    Comments: 3    Tags: deleting photos  
When I first tried to post a (One) profile photo, I had loads of difficulty scaling down the size of many photos but most ended up with the head/face partly or half cut off. So I kept trying with different p
by SecretCorners 31.12.2012    Comments: 0    Tags: abandoned places  
If you have an interested in old abandoned places then you will certainly want to visit this website.
by SecretCorners 08.04.2013    Comments: 1    Tags: healthcare  
It appears that some may find their full-time job cut to part-time and the nice current health insurance coverage they enjoy dropped meaning that under the law they will have to buy their insurance totally on their own or pay a tax to the US government. 
by  04.01.2013    Comments: 0    Tags: friends  
This code is from the website the code is good until 01/09/2013 X7S8-DRJV-UKF6-9C08J2 it is for a free calendar
by SecretCorners 26.03.2013    Comments: 2    Tags: gay-pride  westboro church  
The house across the street from Westboro Church is now a gay-pride centre and they painted the house in the gay-rainbow colours. Article at
by SecretCorners 17.05.2013    Comments: 5    Tags: blogster is shitty  
It seems that Blogster started failing last night, with blog posts disappearing and general chaos all around.  Now it is off line completely.  A friend on Blogster rang me earlier to let me know since my ip address is blocked.  A check did return that the server was 500 at some point, don't know
by SecretCorners 23.07.2013    Comments: 1    Tags: shark tank  
  It's the long-ago days of the 20th century, and this pilot fish is working as a developer for a small software vendor. "Standard procedure required me to write documentation detailing the changes and bug fixes every time I released a new version of our product," fish says. "Our co
by SecretCorners 29.12.2012    Comments: 2    Tags: scumbag laywer  
It seems the first scumbag lawyer has step forth to sue over the Sand Hook shooting.$100m-sought-in-newtown-school-shooting/
by SecretCorners 19.03.2013    Comments: 3    Tags: michelle shocked  gay hate  
I had never heard of Michelle Shocked before today; and I guess that was a good thing.  Seems she paused in the middle of a performance to spew forth some hate towards gays.  As a result, she is losing concert venues and it appears that FaceSucks has removed her page.  Courting bad karma is never
by not3bad 05.01.2013    Comments: 2    Tags: dance equation  electropop  
Hi Everyone My first note is a more detailed rehash of my current status.  Dance Equation's first release is out on Monday!  To find out more information and watch a video go
by SecretCorners 01.05.2013    Comments: 1    Tags: guns  kids  
BURKESVILLE, Ky. — Authorities in southern Kentucky say a 2-year-old girl has been accidentally shot and killed by her 5-year-old brother, who was playing with a .22-caliber rifle he received as a gift. Kentucky State Police said the toddler was shot just after 1 p.m. CDT Tuesday in Cumber
by Midianlord 05.11.2014    Comments: 3    Tags: rants  
...For the first Midian Nation-related post I've felt the urge to do in a long time. Inspired by this. Something like this need not be a portent of doom, but a more obvious-than-ever reason to enshrine the inte
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