51 Votes - Thanks to the Democrats

Trump is going to announce his pick for Supreme Court tonight at 9 pm eastern.  Only 51 votes are needed for confirmation thanks to the Democrats changing the rules of the Senate during Obama's administration.  I warned the Democrats that it would come back to bite them in the arse and so it has.

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  •  Greystarfish1: 

    President Trump has selected Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

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  •  sfmystery: 

    Why worry about politics. Neither party has any interest in anything but enhancing both their power and wealth. There is a much greater concern facing the world. CO2 has reached it's greatest percentage in 800,000 years and methane, 10 times worse as a green house gas, is further adding to global warming. By 2050 estimates have it that increasing temperatures will, directly and indirectly, kill 13,000 to 15,000 people in this country alone. Those not terminated by heat waves will die by various means due to the reliance on increased AC usage. Fossil fuel operated power plants will generate deadly amounts of pollutants because they are placed under much greater demand. Trump cut funding for NASA's monitoring of green house gases. After all, he is stupid, or he doesn't want to displease his rich industrial supporters. 

    So now ocean levels are rising  and that alone will kill phytoplankton responsible for much of the world's O2 production. Coral reefs, the basis for the oceanic food chain, are going the way of rain forests. The world is loosing a species a minute all because mankind is over populating and we are behaving like children in a candy store. We are definitely not stewards of the world's ecosystems viccles.

    Check your browser for info on the upcoming 6th global extinction event. Such events have terrible consequences man could never have imagined. They induce new worlds and promote tremendous evolutionary leaps ( Age of Reptiles and dinosaurs to Age of Mammals, for example ). The 6th event might destroy anything from 75% to 90% of all existing life on earth. Man is unlikely to survive as recovery time averages 10-million years.


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    •  SecretCorners: 

      And yet, the democrats were just as stupid as Trump; although I think it is the latter part in your statement.   Saying we can be OK if we limit a 2C rise in temperature is stupid.  We can't because the permafrost is melting all over the globe.  As far as global warming goes, just bend over and kiss your arse goodbye.

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Posted: 09.07.2018
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51 Votes - Thanks to the Democrats