A mini holiday and then a bit of bad luck

My sister invited me on a mini holiday; her paying for everything.  So I agree and we took an overnight trip to a daylily farm and then some sightseeing the next day.  We arrived back to my home this evening.  After my sister left to head back home, I decided to go get a few groceries.  I start my car, put it in reverse and she no go.  She no go reverse, she no go drive.  Yesterday morning I moved the car when my sister arrived with no issues.  I have not had any issues with the trans before that I could concern.  So for the moment I am without transport.  Nothing to do but get it repaired.  I am no stranger to overhauling transaxles so if that what it comes to then so be it.  My first thought is that the front pump is gone; although it went all at once if it did.

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  •  indian_summer: 

    I would have wished you had a mini holiday without bad luck, Kimberly 

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    •  SecretCorners: 

      Here is an interesting occurrence on the trip.  During the drive we saw where someone was leaving a trail of transmission fluid on the roadway.  When we were entering the park, we saw a tow truck carrying a vehicle out of the park.  Then I get home and my trans is out.  Isn't that strange?

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  •  SecretCorners: 

    Looks like i am truly buggered.  I found this on searching for answers to my transmission woes.

    No movement in any gear: This is usually a bad sign and most likely will require the transmission to be removed and rebuilt or replaced with a re-manufactured unit. Causes range from a broken input shaft, broken drive chain/sprocket, low fluid level, clogged filter and stripped converter splines to a broken input clutch drum shaft.

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Posted: 04.07.2017
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A mini holiday and then a bit of bad luck