And another one bites the dust

I am finding the #MeToo movement getting scary when it is undermining the democracy of the United States.  Anyone can fall victim; Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, you name it.  The latest victim is Tony Mendoza, a Democrat in the California senate.  No real allegations of sexual misconduct was placed against him; only that he engaged in "unwanted flirtatious or sexually suggestive behavior."  In fact, the report of the investigation into Tony Mendoza stated that, "none found him to be physically aggressive or sexually crude" to the women making the accusations.  However, the women "felt" as if he wanted sexual contact.  It is quite possible it was all in the minds of these women because others questioned in the investigation found Mr. Mendoza to be nothing but professional.  Mr. Mendoza has denied the allegations but did apologise to anyone who had ever felt uncomfortable in interactions with him.  The investigation did not find Tony Mendoza guilty of the allegations but instead stated that it was more likely to be so than not to be so.  I have never heard this used to convict anyone before and I find it very troubling.  In reality, what the investigation found was there was no clear indication that Mr. Mendoza had done anything wrong.

Posted: 23.02.2018
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And another one bites the dust