And now the SJW bullshit of the day

"Keziah Daum is not apologizing for wearing what she calls a "beautiful" Chinese cheongsam dress to her high school prom, despite receiving backlash from thousands of people online, some of whom called her a "closet racist" and accused her of cultural appropriation."

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  •  viccles2004: 

    I just read a bit of an article about this a moment ago. I can see both sides of the fence, but in reality she bought the dress in a second hand shop. So many people love to wear vintage clothing. I would have been drawn to the beautiful dress too.

    If we are going to go down that road, then what else are we going to ban or only allow some people to wear? Fashion is influenced by culture. Are we going to say no to anything with a "Mandarin" collar? Are Asian people going to give up wearing Western wear?

    People always want to be offended about something. Don't give your clothes away to a second hand store if you don't want to see other people wearing it!

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Posted: 01.05.2018
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And now the SJW bullshit of the day