Another Sci-Fi Dream

At times I have dreams that are like being in a Sci-Fi film.  This time it involved a bomb made by some crazy person; the person wasn't revealed in the dream.  We worked to disarm the device but given the strange nature of the contraption it couldn't be disarmed by us; not really sure who "us" was; just me and some geeky guys; hey, I hang around with geeky guys, what can I say?  The bomb was in a depression so we decided to bury the bomb to try and lessen the amount of energy delivered.  After burying the bomb we retreated to a safe distance to make observations.  After the explosion; which caused a lot of damage including overturning vehicles, we inspected the bomb site.  It was basically undisturbed with only some minor surface hairline cracks.  What the hey?  Where was the blast crater?  We set to take photographs before the FBI and Homeland Security could arrive and take control of the scene.  "What is the radiation reading", I asked.  All my geeky guy friends were like; "Uh, we forgot to bring the Geiger counter.  "What!", I shouted, "continue to take photos, I will go get one."  I jumped in my car to rush to get a Geiger counter when I woke up.  Dang, I was into that one.

Posted: 24.02.2018
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Another Sci-Fi Dream