Another WTF

I guess in the UK you are suppose to just let burglars come in, threaten you with harm, and let them take your stuff.

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  •  diogenese19348: 

    There is this from further down the article:

    "Norman Brennan, a former police officer who represents victims’ interests, said police were required to arrest the pensioner in order to investigate whether he had acted in self defence.

    But he said he would be “amazed” if he was prosecuted over the death.

    “The law says that a person can use reasonable force when defending himself, his family or property. If the intruder is running away the threat has diminished but if that person stays where they are that’s an assault and if they are armed with a weapon then it would be regarded as aggravating circumstances,” said Mr Brennan.

    He added:  “I cannot see any jury convicting someone in a case where the householder, for example, takes a knife and in a struggle with the burglar injures him."

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  •  ghostrider: 

    thats crazy...burgulars will not fair out well if they try breaking in when im home.....and i read lots from a contact in uk and scottland..scottland i think is far worse so i hear

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Posted: 04.04.2018
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Another WTF