Because Feelz >>...> Realz, Yo!

It has come to this.

Fuck me sideways, it has come to this.

Holy shit, I can't even...

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  •  SecretCorners: 

    I stopped at the grocers to pick up some things I needed and noticed a pregnant lady in front of me buying a pack of fags; I would not doubt that she was buying them for herself.

     368 days ago 
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  •  SecretCorners: 

    When you raise a generation of "me me me" this is what you get.  To many of these people, children are just objects anyway; which is why they have no problem throwing them off bridges when they grow tired of them; sort of like flushing goldfish down the toilet.

    I wonder if it is also sexist to tell a woman at high risk of breast cancer to not drink?  Studies show that even small amounts of alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer in all women.

     370 days ago 
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Posted: 16.06.2017
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Because Feelz >>...> Realz, Yo!