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I would think the idea behind the blog challenge would be to write a blog post that everyone could see.  However, maybe it is just me.

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  •  viccles2004: 

    Yes that would help, just so we know people are actually writing something. I realize that some people have a close group of friends that they want to only be connected to, and that is okay. Blogging is different things to different people. I always thought of it as a great way to connect to people who can relate. Or to make you learn something new and different, and to see things from a new perspective.

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    •  beatleguy: 

      There are functions & settings here to allow only selected individuals or public or anything in between

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    •  VeroMariquita: 

      So far all my posts are set to public. I have never had any problems with anyone bothering me over them. Actually it is a good way to make new friends. I go around reading posts from those who aren't on my list. If they have things set to private I just respect their wishes and move on to another page.

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Posted: 01.02.2018
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