Google Voice SIP - There is hope

As I reported, Google is going to kill XMPP connections to Google Voice.  Simon Telephonics will be shutting down the Google Voice Gateway because of scaling issues.  However, there is good news.  The Asterisk folks have been working hard to have Asterisk connect to Google Voice using the proprietary Google SIP protocols.  When things are ready for prime time, I will be building a PBX again.  My PBX died on me; rectifier on the board went out, and I just decided to connect to Simon; cheaper since I wasn't paying for electricity to power the PBX.  I am hoping that instead of having a dedicated box for the PBX I can run it in a virtual machine since my main computer is on 24/7/52.  I will certainly find out.

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Posted: 03.07.2018
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Google Voice SIP - There is hope