Happy Birthday/Bonne Anniversaire, Old Friend...

Yeah, we're still around.

And maybe the Walking Pubic Louse will finally force us to remember we have a spine again.

Stupid fucking American'ts, fuck me already...

You need us --we don't need you, and never have.

And cunts, you will soon learn exactly what that means.

(Did I mention, our next Federal election is only just over a year away --This will hurt worse once we get a real Prime Minister in again. And it will be your fault.)

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  •  viccles2004: 

    I do hope you had a nice Canada Day. Yes, we know, our President is nuts...or crazy like a fox....or mental...or any number of things...I tend to think the whole world has gone that way though. Common sense left the building a long time ago.

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    •  Midianlord: 

      Sometimes you have to hit rock-bottom before you can really understand that you need to get back up again.

       18 days ago 
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  •  beatleguy: 

    Well I don't really know all that much about Canadian Politics, just what I read & hear online. The one thing that stuck out recently was Justina's speaking to a group of Liberals & interjected a proposed change in the word Mankind to Personkind - That's ALL I needed to know.

    Hoping for better days for the Great Country of Canada

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    •  Midianlord: 

      He tried to deflect it as a joke when he got called on it. Because nobody ever did that before...(What's so wrong with humankind, by the way?)

       18 days ago 
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Posted: 01.07.2018
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Happy Birthday/Bonne Anniversaire, Old Friend...