I call BS on this one

Helen Mirren said as a woman in the world, sexual harassment was constant in her 20s. “When I was in between 16 and 23, 24 — men would expose themselves to me often, I would say about once a week … on the subway, on the tube, on the bus, walking down a road, and it was like, ‘Ugh. It’s not like you’re gonna go, ‘Oh my god, that’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.’ It’s the opposite. It’s horror,” she said.

I call bullshit.  She is saying that every week some man would pull his dick out and wave it at her.  One week she is walking down the street and some man pulls his dick out and waves it at her.  The next week on the tube some man pulls his dick out and waves it her.  Then the next week she is using the subway and some man pulls his dick out and waves it at her.  The following week she is on the bus and some man pulls his dick out and waves it at her.  According to her, men have pulled their dicks out and waved it at her some 416 times.  This is on public transportation with people around; on the streets with people around.  I am sorry but this is the bullshit we are now hearing on this #metoo madness.

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  •  viccles2004: 

    Maybe she needs glasses?

     98 days ago 
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  •  Midianlord: 

    Oh, that reminds me:

    I gotta go expose myself to this week's victim --weather/road conditions might be a problem, but the week is young yet.


    PENIS LOL!!!!111oneoneoneeleven!!1! 3========D

     98 days ago 
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  •  RonH: 

    Maybe she imagines this more times than you can shake a stick at!

     99 days ago 
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  •  beatleguy: 

    I don't know, the British are randy wankers, so who knows?

    Image result for british pervert

     99 days ago 
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  •  ghostrider: 

    mb she was stating she was special..or making it sound like everyone has a thing for her..

    who knows.some folks are strange

    mb she needs a fire hose shaked at her with some delusional medicine in

     99 days ago 
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Posted: 11.02.2018
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I call BS on this one