In case you missed it

I am sure this won't be mentioned on any of the liberal news outlets or that any of the ones that worship at the altar of Clinton will be talking about it.  Comey in his testimony alluded to the collusion between Comey, Lynch, and Obama to prevent prosecution of Hillary Clinton. 

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  •  cosmicrat: 

    Out of all the very clear and currently relevant facts revealed by Comey today, you pick out a mention of Hillary Clinton to latch onto?  That sounds like McCain's confused questioning.  Comey told him repeatedly that investigation was concluded.  

    This one is ongoing, and is the reason Comey was fired, and the reason he was testifying.

    Can you stop trying to blame the victim now?

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    •  SecretCorners: 

      There is more evidence to point to Obama, Lynch, and Comey in obstruction of justice than there is in Trump and Comey.

      Which victim am I trying to blame?  None of the ones I mentioned above are victims.

      So we now know that Comey passed on memos; worked with Lynch; and also know that Obama was involved, to obstruct justice to keep Clinton out of jail, and that he lied. 

      And still no proof in the witch hunt.  I don't like Trump but I hate this whole stupidity that the Democrats are pushing.  The corruption in both parties know no bounds.

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Posted: 08.06.2017
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In case you missed it