Mistake Number Two was installing the lower control arm ball joints last night when I broke the grease fitting off in one of the ball joints.  This ball joint retails for $35.95 so I was not too happy.  If I could not get the broken grease fitting out of the ball joint, I would have to order a new one.  Luck was with me, I was able to drill out the part of the grease fitting in the ball joint and install a new grease fitting.  I examined why this might have happened because I was sure there were threads left to turn it another turn.  The hole for the grease fitting went in an an angle; on one side of the fitting there were threads showing but on the opposite side it had already reached the limit; I didn't notice this last night.  However, lesson learned and in the future I will make sure to check both sides.

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  •  Midianlord: 

    Live and learn (Old cars are quite the (mis-)adventure, aren't they))...

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    •  SecretCorners: 

      Yes, you can certainly say that.

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Posted: 10.08.2017
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Mistake Number Two