New Barbie and Ken Dolls

I don't think I will be buying any of these new Barbie and Ken dolls.  Actually, I quit collecting Barbie dolls a long time ago; I might can get half of what I paid for them.  I use to buy the pink box dolls and then the updated outfits and redress the pink box dolls but I quit that a long time ago as well.  I would like to sell most of my collection but the market is awful at the moment and I am not sure if it will recover.

To see the new line of Barbie and Ken dolls, visit the link:

Ken wearing a man bun?  <facepalm>

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  •  cosmicrat: 

    I tried to post my Barbie pics here, but there's a size limit, so they're on my page.

    No doubt Barbies out of the box seem to be a conformist influence, but if given a chance, they can become the image of free spirits.  {#} 

     347 days ago 
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  •  Midianlord: 

    Man buns

     357 days ago 
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  •  SecretCorners: 

    From looking at the dolls, I think this is Mattel's SJW collection.

     360 days ago 
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  •  beatleguy: 

    Related image

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  •  legacycowgirl: 

    Don't those Sumo dudes have man buns? lol. I think they all look fat now. Shame on them for ruining Barbies figure. It's what we all wanted to grow up to look like.

    Oh I have so many Barbies,I'll never get my loot back. The 90's will never be again. I'm just gonna get them out of the boxes and buy a few GI Joe's, an easy bake oven, a barbie camper, and have barbie be a tease and get my Ken's and GI's in a fight.

     361 days ago 
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  •  SecretCorners: 

    I should include a photo of Ken with a man bun.

     361 days ago 
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Posted: 25.06.2017
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New Barbie and Ken Dolls