No, it doesn't really mean 11' 8"

Seems there is a bridge where everyone ignores the flashing warning sign about being over height.  I would hate to be a truck rental in that that town.  Well, I didn't really need those AC units on top of my caravan.

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  •  ghostrider: 

    oh let me tell a short story..bridge designers know the heigth of trucks whaat not..and they build them with low clearance to be an inconvenience...

    it only takes 18 more inches and pertner anything can pass thru..that or lower the road but..that puts cover over utilities at risk..thus to state..engineers are not always as bright as they the other a lot of design flaws that LOTS OF PPL SHOULD NOT EVEN BE DOING THAT KIND OF WORK..but thats my opinion..

     24 days ago 
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  •  VeroMariquita: 

    A bridge too far...(Or not far enough)

     25 days ago 
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  •  annebabygirl: 

    OMG, That town need a new bridge !  

    trying to figure what happened with the 2 cars ?  Maybe that place is Cursed  Devil

     25 days ago 
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  •  viccles2004: 

    People are nuts...

     25 days ago 
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  •  DebbieJo: 

    OMG, people, pay attention.  Now I am hearing that song, "signs, signs" gheeze!!

     25 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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Posted: 31.05.2018
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No, it doesn't really mean 11' 8"