O, Canada

We hardly knew ye.

The real Canada died at the hands of the detestable quisling Brian Mulroney, and thanks to the vapid junior Trudeau --clearly not his father's son in any way that matters-- the Balkanisation continues.

Well, it's not polite to make too much, too obvious noise about Canada's fait accompli vassal-statehood, and Canadians are supposed to be polite, so...yeah.


Just another day, leaving aside the blatant price-gouging for petrol.


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  •  cosmicrat: 

    I looked up the former militant whose compensation seems to have inspired resentment.  I agree that it is not Canada that owes him the settlement, but the US, most specifically George W. Bush, but also all who were complicit in imprisoning and torturing a 15-year-old for so many years.  However it happened that his own country compensated him instead, it only shows a sense of justice in Canada that we seem to lack in the US.

    I have usually found that rational people avoid condemning an entire culture or religion for the faults of a minority of its members.  It's one of the most basic errors of logic to do that, and and one of the most harmful to a peaceful society.  It's something to think about.

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  •  SecretCorners: 

    A former U.S. Special Forces soldier said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should be charged with treason after giving a former Al Qaeda militant, who severely injured him and killed a fellow soldier in an attack in Afghanistan in 2003, millions of dollars in a settlement announced earlier in the week.

    Former U.S. Special Forces Sgt. Layne Morris told the Toronto Sun on Saturday that Canada is going to regret giving Omar Khadr about $8 million.

    “I don’t see this as anything but treason,” Morris told the newspaper. “It’s something a traitor would do. As far as I am concerned, Prime Minister Trudeau should be charged.”

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    •  Midianlord: 

      He ain't wrong;

      But by the same token, because it needs to be said:

      No American has the fucking right to dictate what is/is not treason in my country, so he should just mind his own fucking business.

      In any case, we don't need him to do it:

      It would seem that Islam and that Dark Ages-era murder-cult's  despicable apologists/appeasers in Ottawa are doing that job just fine.

      More and more seriously looking at leaving the country, and this is just another nail in the coffin.

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  •  Greystarfish1: 


    There are Americans and Canadians, that are fighting this. I hope, that you had a Happy Canada Day.  

     298 days ago 
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  •  SecretCorners: 

    Don't worry Dan, Canada will eventually be united under Islam.  There is already prayer five times a day in some schools.  Plus, Motion M-103 will lead to Canada's own blasphemy law where you won't be able to say a word.  On the plus side, you will be able to have five wives and beat them with a hockey stick; this isn't a joke.  And of course you have to watch out for smuggling in hate speech.  Then there is the problem with pronouns, watch out for the Human Rights Tribunal. Unless you live in Canada or follow Canadian news, much of what I write won't mean anything.  However, I am sure Dan understands.

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    •  Midianlord: 

      I am all too aware. (Eh.)

      The original Trudeau was a visionary and intellectual giant, albeit flawed and/or politically nai'ive. He was certainly a patriot, proven no-where more conclusively than in...well, that little spot of bother in October 1970.

      The vapid, happily unthinking in his privilege son, on the other hand, needs to be arraigned on charges of fucking treason.

      I'm sure someone will call me an Islamophobe* and/or a racist in due course for sating ^that^ though.

      *A phobia is an irrational fear. It seems quite rational to me to be afraid of people who will turn their own children into walking bombs to get to me simply because of who I am, innt?

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Posted: 01.07.2017
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O, Canada