Say Goodbye to the Internet you Know and Love

Net Neutrality is coming to an end; thanks to Trump and that worthless POS he put as head of the FCC.  I have said it before, what Trump is, is a republican.  Therefore, he is going to help rich corporations all he can.  I am already paying what I can afford for internet access; if the rates start going up I may have to do without internet services which mean I won't be able to help maintain this site.  Also, it means I won't be able to continue to run my IT services company so I don't know what I will do for an income; I am already making way below the poverty line.  Trump is just undoing anything that Obama did without really considering if it is good or bad.

I have already explained what will happen but instead of repeating that, you can watch what Computing Forever had to say as it is exactly what I have already stated in past years.

Posted: 23.11.2017
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Say Goodbye to the Internet you Know and Love