Should've Gave Her the Radio

Years ago my sister was shopping for a replacement for her old transport.  She had went to several dealers without much luck on finding something she liked; my sister knows what she wants and doesn't settle for less.  Finally she found a couple of cars that that she really liked except for the sound system in one of the cars.  The car she really liked just had the standard sound system.  She talked to a salesman that told her it would be no problem, he would have the current radio/cd player swapped out.  My sister agreed to the deal and they got the paperwork going.  When my sister and her husband returned to finalise the sale, she looked in the car and noticed that the sound system was the same as before; nothing had been changed.  She mentioned it to the salesman and he told her, "Oh, we can't change the radios."  My sister then said that she didn't want the car.  The salesman looked puzzled, "You aren't going to take the car?"  My sister responded, "No, you said you would change the radio and you didn't."  At that point my sister walked away.  My brother-in-law turned to the salesman and said, "You should've gave her the radio" and then ran to catch up with my sister to continue looking for a car elsewhere.

Posted: 24.02.2018
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Should've Gave Her the Radio