Starbucks new policy

Starbucks has a new policy; everyone is a customer of Starbucks even if they don't make a purchase.  I plan on holding some parties at Starbucks and having the food catered in from an outside deli.  I suggest everyone do the same; a free venue for parties doesn't come along every day.  Well, I guess it does now with Starbucks new policy.

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  •  cosmicrat: 

    Evidently some people have become so used to businesses operating with a maximum of greed and a minimum of kindness that they become disoriented, even hostile, when a company chooses to treat its customers with respect and friendship.

    I think there is value in running a business with a reputation for humanity and fair treatment, a place where people can feel welcome and relaxed.  Will some people take undue advantage of that?  Probably, but the company will also be building a customer base who feel good about spending money there, instead of some predatory operation with a list of "rules".

     24 days ago 
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  •  annebabygirl: 

    No One cares about others,

    Take advantage every time.  Respect needs to be taught again ?

     25 days ago 
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  •  viccles2004: 

    Boy that is going to come back and bite them in the behind. I can see every homeless person making a beeline for the business. I wish people would realize that even if a business is empty during off hours, the company still has to pay rent, taxes, heating, cooling, etc. If you grab a seat even for a little while, you need to make a purchase even if it's to go for consuming later.

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    •  Greystarfish1: 

      I totally agree.

       25 days ago 
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  •  beatleguy: 

    I'm just gonna use the Restroom all day..& I ain't buyin none of their lousy coffee either!!!

    THANKS STARBUCKS!2w7n29y_th.jpg

     26 days ago 
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  •  ghostrider: 

    {#}..the new door of regret.MSNBC NEWS  starbucks all ova texas INVADED WEEKLY by a farmer lady having randome parties at free will,thanks to "STARBUCKS NEW POLICY"..{#}

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Posted: 30.05.2018
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Starbucks new policy