Teenager Dies From Dropping Phone In Bathwater

cell-phone-death-300x255.pngYou may have read where a teenager was electrocuted when she dropped her phone into her bathwater.  Now you may be thinking how could that have happened when phones are low powered DC devices.  It appears that the phone was plugged into a charger at the time.  Even then how could the DC output of the charger electrocute her?  The answer is simple, it could have been a cheap charger and the output could have been at mains voltage.  One of the YouTube channels I watch at times is bigclivedotcom and he often illustrates how dangerous some of the cheap Chinese USB chargers are where there is not proper isolation between the mains voltage and the output.  We go to eBay looking for chargers and torches and USB chargers and often look at the cheap prices instead of thinking are these cheap units safe.

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    I actually expected some comments on this post.  I know many may not have electrical knowledge but thought I would post the following video to illustrate what I was saying about the dangers some of the crappy Chinese imports present to end users.

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Posted: 12.07.2017
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Teenager Dies From Dropping Phone In Bathwater