The #MeToo Feeding Frenzy

The #metoo feeding frenzy is getting out of hand; it now threatens our democracy.  As some may know, Rob Porter recently resigned over allegations from his ex-wives that he was physically abusive. One even showed a photo of her with a black eye.  The thing is, Rob Porter claims that the allegations are not true.  He even stated that yes, he took the photo of the black eye but it was under different circumstances than claimed.  Doesn't matter; Court of Public Opinion has spoken and Rob Porter is out of a job and may have trouble getting another job.  Now I am not saying Rob Porter is innocent, I don't know one way or the other and we are suppose to take the position that the charged is innocent until proven guilty.

Some say that a woman would not lie about being physically abused and we should always accept the allegations as true.  That is not the way our justice system is set up; the charged are innocent until proven guilty and the burden of guilt lies with the ones making the charge.  However, we are not seeing that, the verdict is the allegation; the person is guilty.  A woman wanted to get her husband placed in jail for domestic abuse.  She went so far as to actually punch herself to make it appeared her husband had physically abused her when he did not.  He only thing that kept him out of jail was that he produced video showing the woman self-inflicting the wounds.

We have to take domestic abuse claims serious; both against men and women.  However, we cannot throw away our justice system in the process.  It is important that due process be done but so often we are seeing the Court of Public Opinion claiming that the allegation is the proof of guilt.  Now it seems it is threatening out democracy and threatens our election process.  We saw during the last US presidential election how allegations were made to try and get Trump to leave the race.  If all I have to do is to pay some woman or man large sums of money to make a claim and that causes the person to resign form the race, then our democracy is undermined.  This happened recently in Canada.

Watch the video from Diana Davidson to see what has happened in Canada recently.  We can not throw away out justice system based on allegations; especially if those allegations come from anonymous sources.  In our legal system, one always have the right to face their accusers.

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  •  SecretCorners: 

     95 days ago 
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  •  ghostrider: 

    interesting vids..there a few out there i have heard of locally that played the personal abuse blame..some got away with it..and ohhhh does that make me mad..

    neither gender should be so vindictive and use me...i had my 2 shares of games...

    and quicly got rid of the poison..thats what i call it as a teen..poison..and i still read some that keep the poison attatched...i have a name for those...damaged a personal perspective..

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  •  viccles2004: 

    I'll have to try and come back again, I can't get the video to play.

    I think it is a bit too late for a lot of women to come forward and make claims for something that happened 20 years or more. Especially when those women took a payment or continued to work with or for that individual. We all have choices. And yes, I believe some of those women were taken advantage of or assaulted but the time to make a claim was back then. The problem with not reporting it then and now making a claim now is that they willing knew  what that individual was capable of and they did not try to stop them. They allowed the abuse and harassment to continue on to new victims. When you remain quiet, it sends a message to that individual. That all it takes is a little money and the problem goes away. You send the message that it is no big deal. Crying fowl now doesn't change what happened, but they could have been the change needed then. I think a lot of women don't want to accept the fact they had a price. Yeah, they could have stood up, filed a report, called that person out and most likely wouldn't have had that job they were wanting. But the choice was theirs to make in the end. The price was the role they wanted. They wanted to be a star, they just didn't like the choice/price they made, but they made it.

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Posted: 11.02.2018
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The #MeToo Feeding Frenzy