The Right To Not Be Offended

It is easy to say that I will just sit in my cozy home and spend the days working in my gardens and ignore the bullshit that is happening outside in the world.  However, doing so means that eventually the outside world will invade your cozy home and trample your gardens.  It is happening all over the world and it is happening in your country.  There are agents; and these agents control politicians (mainly Democrats in the US), that want to destroy western civilisation.  We see it everyday; and I know most just ignore it and that is why it keeps spreading.  I am so grateful that Hillary Clinton lost even if Trump does things that I don't agree with; at least there is some measure to stop the dangers presented by the Democratic party.  For those that think I am conservative or right wing or whatever, no, I am not.  I use to be in the Democratic party but the party has been subverted by the likes of agents such as George Sorros. By the way, in case you think that what is in the video couldn't happen in the US of A, guess again. .  I will end this here and encourage you to watch the video below.

Posted: 07.02.2018
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The Right To Not Be Offended