Transmission Update

I took the car for a test drive and it did shift through all the gears.  However, I am not sure they are shifting when they should at this time.  The shift points in this car are controlled by a PCM so the car needs to be driven so the computer can relearn.  For the moment, the front end is too far out of alignment to safely drive the car.  I don't have the equipment to set the camber and caster on the car so I am going to have to spend the $45.95  Once I get the front end aligned, then I can drive the car and see how the shift points are going to work out.

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  •  Midianlord: 

    Did it shift fast and firm? That's what matters most with juice-boxes.

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    •  SecretCorners: 

      Hello, sorry that I missed this.  I am not seeing the notifications like I use to.  Anyway, I have driven the car again twice and the shifting seems to have improved as the PCM learned when to shift.  The shifting in this trans is completely controlled by the PCM except for the downshift when you "kick it"; that is controlled by a cable from the throttle.

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      •  Midianlord: 

        Sounds like you "got 'er done," as that cable-guy puts it. Good on ya, hon.

        (Pity those never came with a stick, that I can recall...Those usually won't leave you stranded if something goes "urp.")

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Posted: 21.08.2017
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Transmission Update