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  •  cosmicrat: 

    The artwork on Barbie was done by a female friend.  I assembled the bike from a kit designed to be put together in various configurations according to preference, which is the way I customized my real bikes.  It's a style known as the "rat" bike.

    Of course Barbie has nipples.  They're just rather pale when she comes from the factory. Feeling Good

    She's been sitting on that bike as she is for several years, on a display shelf.  Incidentally, Arizona does not have a helmet law.  It's often too hot to wear one, and I've never cared for them even in cooler weather.  

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    •  legacycowgirl: 

      Hey I understand about the helmet.  I had a friend wreck his cycle when he was 15, and a helmet split in two but saved his life in that accident.

      My mother and Father both had Harley's in the 50's and they never wore helmets. Said they were death traps. They sold the bikes in the 60's and raised 3 more kids. I still have their leathers ie leather helmets, belts,coats etc. They are old, hard and dirty but I will one day bring them to a softer hue. Maybe. I might just leave them hang as is. I stare at the photos of them on their bikes,on a regular basis, and reminisce. Smile

      BTW, my Barbies never had nipples and my Ken and Johnny West dolls never know....Wink


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  •  legacycowgirl: 

    Did you do the artistry on Barbie? I mean to tell you,she has tats and I think ...yes,nipples.

    Did you build that bike? It looks like something off of Mad Max! Awesome Cosmic.

    But where is her helmet? Safety 1 st.

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  •  Prissykitty: 

    Great pics sug!!

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