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24 days ago
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Much Credibility, Such Wow...

Yeah, because I really needed an American not-so-closeted neo-Nazi like this alt-Right YouTube cliché --among deplorably many others-- to lecture me about how Canada works. (I'm pretty sure this inbred trailer-trash has never even left his home state.).
I haven't gone through more than a couple of h…

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You Get What You Pay For...

It would seem that nobody ever told the incredibly generous paragon of the community who built that bridge in Florida that cheap labour = cheap results.
Apparently, Munilla Construction Management won the tender for the FIU bridge at USD 14.2mn.
I wonder just how many more millions were handed to pe…

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There May yet be Hope...

I've had my eye on this game for awhile --Might get it, although the developer needs to patch out some technical issues, first.
ATT'N: Regressive left idiots:
This game is intended to be an RPG in an historically-accurate/"realistic" setting --

There were almost certainly no "PoC"'s in Bohemia in 1…

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This city used to have a soul. Calgary was an absolutely awesome, totally kick-maximum-ass place to be and grow up in/around
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Well, Shit...

Stephen Hawking has finally shuffled off this wretched, nasty mortal coil. The totality of human intellect just got that much smaller, and that much closer to drowning under that stinking slick of fear, greed, and banality.
(Aside: By what I've read, his disease should have killed him at least 25 ye…

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All of ^that^ has nothing to do with this.

I find the politics here increasingly disgusting, nasty, and toxic, and I just don't want to deal with it anymore.

Is that really so surprising? Is it, really?

You really shouldn't believe everything you see on the Internet. I should think that you of all people would know this.

Don't expect me to take Birtherism and conspiracy theorists seriously. And especially don't expect me to respond kindly to call-outs. There's a reason those will get you banned from almost every forum in existence.

I will be interested to see what Dan has to say about this video.  Hopefully not just "It is shit" but why it is shit if he t
38 days ago
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Leave me out of this, and go stir up your nasty, shallow, petty drama elsewhere.

If I wanted to be gaslighted by some credulous little Trumpkin, then believe me, you'd know it.


I don't know why you'd expect me to take an ultra-right wing bigoted conspiracy theorist who clearly has "personal issues" seriously, who can't even be arsed to use a good mic and moixer to record his video, but if you really think that I consider people like this anything other than a sad joke, then you clearly haven't gotten to know me anywhere as well as you seem to think you have.

You also especially, and equally clearly, don't understand how Canadians and Canadian politics work, especilly more centrist ones like me.

It seems yet equally clear that you won't be arsed to try, because doing so would threaten your narrative.

Congratulations: You've become everything you bash the alt-left for, but I should have seen this when you spewed Birtherism at me in another thread. What next, Chem-trails and lizard-people?

Sorry, but I'm an actual thinking person who hasn't surrendered to quivering fear like a good little American, so I cant take crap like this seriously, at all.

Sorry aboot that, eh.

I will be interested to see what Dan has to say about this video.  Hopefully not just "It is shit" but why it is shit if he t
38 days ago
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OMG, how adorable <3

40 days ago
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I'll Show You Mine, If....

Well, yeah --here's mine. Make of it what you will. (I consider myself more of centrist, which I think the graph would show if the questions had a "neutral" option among the choices in their answers.)

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B/R/B, fetching popcorn...

Hey CosmicRat, are you willing to accept Sargon's offer to debate an Antifa member?  While you haven't claimed to be a member
41 days ago