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09.08.2015 (1164 days ago)
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Another One Bites the Cake...
by Midianlord ·
9-August-2015, 2:06 pm


Another office-biddy quit, and sure enough, I saw a nice cake for her there as I went up to the dispatch-window to get my next trailer-move on Friday.

This one had been there for a long time --probably close to ten years-- so no-one can deny that she's at least put in her time, but that's probably the only positive thing about her.

Everyone --and I mean, everyone-- fucking despised this bitch, and it was all for the same reasons:

She was blatantly, hilariously incompetent, and clearly couldn't care less.

She was so up-herself it wasn't even funny. Match that with being...ummm....errrmmm...well, stupid, and you got a particularly un-appetising, (but all too common among Western-acculturated women) combination.

She openly tried to shift blame for her numerous fuck-ups onto the rest of us, both "office," and "line." She even managed to successfully throw the only good dispatcher this company's probably ever had under the bus by making it look like he'd screwed up trailer assignments when it had actually been her who'd been screwing them up, constantly, for the previous several months.

(I miss That Friggin' Fat Guy(TM), man. He and me, once we learned how to communicate with each other, got on marvellously well, and I could work with him perfectly --to the point that I could almost anticipate what he was going to assign me, when, before he actually did so. No surprise, he's a veteran trucker.)

She was a shameless "climber" who blatantly kissed the company president's arse (The aforementioned "G") who seemed like he enjoyed it, the lecherous old pig. (Jesus Christ, man, you're probably almost old enough to be her grandfather. Keep your upper head on straight, please!)

But still, she got herself a cake on Friday, her last day.

Us icky, subhuman drivers, we didn't get to have any this time; The cake, it was separated from us by the Wall of The Beautiful People(TM) that keeps us ---!!!!!icky, subhuman drivers!!!!--- physically away from the office, but this didn't look like a double-chocolate cake, so I can accept that.

I can also accept it all the more because, with this piece of female trash gone, I think --I hope, I pray-- that this office will now become a bit less toxically nasty. Having to deal with that slag on a daily basis after the original dispatcher got sacrificed to the Gods of Western Feminist Entitlement(TM) was one of the reasons I quit that place last time, and I am far from the only one to have done so.

Fucking bitch.

Good riddance!

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  •  SecretCorners: 

    I will never understand why companies will keep incompetents in their positions and toss good workers out the door.

     1163 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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    •  Midianlord: 

      This seems to be a corporate/white-collar thing, informed by office politics (IE, who's best at fellating the boss).

      My line of work may have its downsides, but the fundamental truth thereof makes for one Hell of a Grand Leveller:

      In the big truck under 40+ tonnes of what-the-fuck, incompetence can get people killed, and the incompetent usually become known soon (usually, thank the Gods, before someone dies), and are quickly weeded out.

      Maybe there should be a for-real "truth or death" component to office-jobs?

      /Me grins ferociously...I'd love to watch that, by the way.

       1162 days ago 
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Another One Bites the Cake...