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23.04.2018 (303 days ago)
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by cosmicrat ·
23-April-2018, 5:02 pm

John Bolton worked with Russia, spread racist stories to increase fear of Muslim immigrants

"Though it may seem that John Bolton spent the last ten years constantly wiggling his mustache on Fox News, In his time off—between advocating bombing Iran, and advocating bombing North Korea, and advocating just bombing—John Bolton had a real job.

John Bolton, President Donald Trump’s new national security adviser, chaired a nonprofit that has promoted misleading and false anti-Muslim news, some of which was amplified by a Russian troll factory, an NBC News review found.

As reported by NBC, John Bolton headed up this Russian anti-Muslim collaboration until last month, frequently contributing speakers to RT, Sputnik and other Russia media, and providing a message that was overtly racist.

From 2013 until last month, Bolton was chairman of the Gatestone Institute, a New York-based advocacy group that warns of a looming “jihadist takeover” of Europe leading to a “Great White Death.”

If you’ve ever wondered where Donald Trump gets the impression that Germany and other nations that have accepted refugees are going up in flames, when in truth their rates of crime are far below those in the United States. Or that whole swaths of Europe are somehow “under Sharia law” or “no-go zones” for Christians … thank John Bolton."

A Short Guide to John Bolton's Government Career

"Bolton advocated for another U.S. invasion of Iraq, following the first Gulf War, as far back as the 1990s, when he called on President Clinton to oust Saddam Hussein. Later, as under secretary of state for arms control, during President George W. Bush’s first term in office, he told the BBC the U.S. was “confident that Saddam Hussein has hidden weapons of mass destruction and production facilities in Iraq.” 

Bolton, a professional liar, is the "perfect" match to advise the President whose public lies number in the thousands.  He is consistently a bully, delighting in aggression toward smaller nations whose leaders, or whose religions, he dislikes.  He is a hawk who even other hawks think goes too far.

Anyone who believes in peace and good relations with the rest of the world's nations should be even more concerned now.  The only way to end this situation is to end the Trump regime.

--cosmicrat  April 23, 2018

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  •  SecretCorners: 

    I agree that Bolton is a war hawk and I would wish he was not national security adviser.  Then again, Clinton and Obama were/are war hawks as well.  I guess you forgot about Libya and the lies told by Obama and Clinton to bomb Libya to hell and back.  Or is it OK when it is done by the likes of Obama and his cronies? 

    The only thing is all the stupidity you included such as "Trump regime."  You know damn well there is no Trump regime; the government is still operating just as before.  Elections are still being held, laws are still being voted on by Congress. 

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    •  cosmicrat: 

      What did you think "regime" meant?  It is simply a government, or the government under a particular leader.

      It is most often used to convey disapproval of a government or head of state, and that was exactly my intention.  Trump constantly dishonors our country in words and behavior.  I think our democratic system is strong enough not to succumb to a would-be tyrant who foments and exploits prejudices for political power, but until he is ejected from office, there is a Trump regime.

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