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30.01.2013 (2361 days ago)
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Everything, all the time
by cosmicrat ·
30-January-2013, 7:33 am

The number of issues deserving of attention and action at any given time seems to grow, and a backlog develops whenever a significant number of elected members of government are, for various reasons, inclined to oppose progress, holding to the status quo even when it is undeniably an undesirable one that is improvable.

The positive meaning of conservatism, saving what is good, is actually embodied in liberalism. Liberals want to save and expand liberty and democracy. Liberals want to save and protect the environment. Those who are called conservatives in US politics actually conserve the power to exploit other human beings, and the ability to do harm. Most of them profit by their support of harmful entities. Those who don't are merely convinced by the propaganda created by those who do. Conservatism in America is nearly synonymous with corruption.

There are exceptions, no doubt, and that doesn't mean that someone who claims to be liberal cannot be corrupt, but overall that is the way it works.

So, there is a long list of issues, each of which should inspire an uprising of public voices demanding action. The problem is, to an extent these compete for attention, even though they are not in conflict with one another. Not everyone prioritizes them the same way.

Getting things done requires leadership from leaders, and followship from followers. By 'followship' I don't mean just following, but getting behind the leaders and pushing, urging them onward; objecting and protesting if the leader is doing wrong; bringing up and keeping pressure on about issues that may be overlooked or neglected; staying informed and willing to speak up. Those are the qualities and duties of a good citizen of a democracy.

We are fortunate now to have good leadership on many important issues. The President's inaugural address outlined some of the most important areas of concern. Here is a PDF link to that speech:

Social and economic equality and justice, protection of the public and the economy from corporate predators, the reduction and ultimate elimination of the use or threat of force in international relations, cooperation regarding the global environment, fair and humane immigration policy, covers a lot of territory.

There is much more to do, of course.

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Everything, all the time