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23.01.2016 (996 days ago)
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Goodbye to Romance
by Midianlord ·
23-January-2016, 4:36 pm

I haven't handed in my two-weeks' notice yet.Don't know if/when I'm going to anymore, although the intention had been to do so by month's end.

Oh yeah, I have it all written up --just need to put a date on it-- in my little clipboard that all truckers use to hold their paperwork in the course of their job (and there's a lot of paperwork in this business.), but I need to try and line up another job first.

Problem: I just can't find the motivation. I mean, what's it all for, really, when you get right down to it? They're all the fucking same. Big, small, explicitly family-run or not...Doesn't matter:


The fucking.


Tuesday morning, I had a little talk with the owner's two daughters, one of whom is now the afore-blogged safety/operations-creature (Because nepotism is awesome --when you're an explicit beneficiary thereof, at least.).

I'm not a complainer (well, much), and definitely not a whiner. Yeah, there's always at least one at every trucking company in existence, and we have our share of them, but I assure you, I am not one of these. I keep my gob shut, I follow my orders, I do my job. That's what I'm there to do, that's what I agreed to do when they hired me, and If I may say so myself, I generally do it decently well.

But on Tuesday, it was definitely Your Favourite Misanthrope(TM) who was doing the whinging. Because Your Favourite Misanthrope(TM) had had enough, enough, long past fucking enough, and just couldn't keep it in any god-damned more.


In the last 4-5 months, we've gotten --again-- a new dispatcher. And, in a word, this company's gone to complete shite because of her. Pretty much every negative stereotype you'll hear about truck-dispatchers? They exist because of people like this.

Stupid, clueless, knows absolutely nothing about trucks or trucking --despite having dispatched them for over 30 years, apparently-- completely in-capable of critical thought, an obsessive micro-manager, and scales her constant demands around same.

"I need that load there in an hour in a half! You were late this morning, sooooo..."

It takes 2.5-3 hours to go Calgary <---> Taber, you stupid cow. I reported in right on the time that you told me to start at.

"I know, but get it there in an hour and a half! I Googled it, it's not that far!" (That's her refrain, see: "I Googled it!" as if Google maps are of any real use to truckers at all.)

My governed-at-100ish km/h truck simply isn't going to do this. Even huge-power/tall-geared-to-use-it, legitimately fast un-governed trucks --Alberta's all remaining six of them!-- will still take longer to get places, regardless.

"I know you're pissed off at me calling you at home all the time, dragging you out of bed Dan, but I really need you to come in 2-4 hours earlier than I said --IT'S AN EMERGENCY (again)!!!!"

Friday, I was literally just stepping into the shower as she did this. Again.

"I need you to do just one more thing. One more thing. One more thing. One more...." (Six extra hours later, all the one-more-things are done --or maybe it's just because even this stupid clod of shit realises that I'm going way over my legal Hours-of-Service, and can no longer make the logbook look "legal." But then, there's a reason we call them "comic-books.")

"I didn't screw you out of the day off you'd arranged with me weeks in advance --it's all your fault that you sat in that guy's loading-dock for an extra four hours before he could be arsed to even try to unload you!"

This bitch fucks-up dispatches constantly. Just a few nights ago, one of our night-time turnpike-double drivers was dispatched by her to drop-off/pick-up his trailers for the night at our drop-yard in Edmonton. At least, that's where she'd told him his trailers were. Except they weren't there. They were at another yard of one of our biggest clients, completely on the other end of the city from there. So this guy had to horse 40 metres of turnpike-doubles across town just to get his return-trip trailers. Of course, he didn't know this --no realistic way that he could have-- so he had to call the boss --the estimable "G" of whom I'm so fond-- at 2.30am to find this out. "G" was a little less than pleased at being dragged out of bed with this, and as much as I despise that douchebag, I have to say he had every right not to be.

But according to her and the office-slags, it was all the driver's fault. It's always the driver's fault in these parasites' happy-pretty-always-positive little world, see.

She does this all the time to everybody. She's never been punished for this, and likely never will be, on which more anon.

I could go on. Believe me, I could...So can anyone who's ever driven truck.

I permanently gave up long-haul because of dispatchers like this. I will never again even consider moving full time into anything with a sleeper-cab on it because of them, unless it's my own, under my operating-authority. IE, if they want to fuck with me, then I take my truck, my operating authority, and my control over my working life/business/fucking livelihood elsewhere, and there is not a damned thing they can do about it, no matter how they scapegoat me for their screw-ups, or "punish" me for not licking their asses by leaving me sitting in a truckstop for a week making zero money.


Why hasn't this bitch been sacked, yet? I've heard that, over her long and not-storied career (Pure hearsay, granted --I've no way to verify/disprove this at present), she's been fired from like half her former employers because of drivers finally finding some balls and saying as one: "She goes, or we all go."

So yeah. That's what I went in to complain about early-early on Tuesday morning. It was never like this before, here. Before her. Never, at least in my time (approximately a year and a half, so far). Shit, that's what made this mickey-mouse, comically dysfunctional operation almost tolerable!

And they told me that they absolutely love what she's done with the place.

I asked what makes it right that she treats us even worse than truckers normally get treated, and the answer left me just utterly flabbergasted, I mean totally fuckin' gob-smacked.

According to them, they get pissed off when customers give them grief --You can see all the implied reasons above, you fucking sanctimonious, myopic dumb-dumbs!-- And also when "another fucking driver" whines about something or other, and they use all other drivers to spread their misery out on over this.

That's right:

It's perfectly OK to punish others for their own incompetence.

That's right:

Spread the --100% self-inflicted-- drama around!

I'm not even going to touch the utterly grotesque lack of professionalism and/or integrity that this is an obvious manifestation of --it enrages me too much for reason, let alone words, especially given how much higher a standard of professionalism/integrity that we explicitly are held to in the face of same.

And I must emphasise, not wrongly so:

If we lose our focus and professionalism, then, in the right situation, this can get someone killed.

But even leaving that aside, does this not show an almost Brobdingnagan lack of...emotional and/or social maturity?

Something pisses you off, so you're going to take it out on everybody else, knowing that them retaliating may/likely will hurt them a lot more that it ever would you. Just wait, you'll show them! You'll show them all, God-dammit!

Fucking children.

This what fucking spoiled, over-privileged, over-entitled children who are used to having their way, and never having to face the consequences of their actions, do.

And we're supposed to take it, because all drivers are the same, per these useless pieces of fuck. just ask them, they'll tell you!

At least, they told me.

What's it all for?

Re-read above.

That's what it's all for.

Fucking fuck!


They tell me: I am among the last of the road-warriors. The last of the modern cowboys. The last of the élite.

My age-cohort may well literally be the last of those who learned how to do this from old-school people, and had inculcated in me the best of the old-school truckers' values and professionalism

That's the romance. Wheeling that 39.5-tonne rolling building about knowing that I should be proud of what I do, because I can do well something that not everyone can do.


What's it all for, now?

Apparently, being a scapegoat and/or drama-sponge for fucking spoiled children.

That's what it's for.

Welcome to modern trucking, Driver. Have fun!

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  •  diogenese19348: 

    What about driving for a chain of stores?  Not Walmart, but I assume there are others up there.  It would be to places you know on regular runs.  Don't know what the pay is in relation to what you are doing, but it would at least take dispatch a bit out of the equation. 

     995 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
    0 points
    •  Midianlord: 

      Yeah, we have like SafeWay, Co-Op and maybe WallyWorld too...I've applied in the past, never got in, these jobs are not easy to get (like moist union-shops: People don't want to leave). But now that I have many more miles under my belt, might be worth trying again.

       993 days ago 
      0 points
  •  SecretCorners: 

    Yeah, last of the cowboys.  That is them trying to put romance into it, trying to make you feel better when you are being shitted on. 

    I know someone that a few years back got his CDL; the realities were not what he was told when he was training.  He quit after a couple of years.  The guy is smart, taught himself how to programme, and he should have a better life than what he has now.

     996 days ago 
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  •  indian_summer: 

    "Bitches brew" - already Miles Davis knew about them ... The trucker here in Germany need to take drugs to stay awake to get their job done in time ... I know a friend of a friend who is Trucker here ... Don't wanna make the matter worse ... It's not easy to keep on with positive thinking when you have to deal with what you've written ... Fucking Fuck! - There, I said it ;) ... *Hug ...

     996 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
    0 points
    •  Midianlord: 

      *Hugs back :)

      It's not quite like that here --at least not anymore (we have random drug-testing), but the rest more than makes up for it.

       996 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
      0 points
      •  indian_summer: 

        Thanks for the smile :) ... 3 am here - naptime ... Nite nite Kimberly and Dan ...

         996 days ago 
        1 point
  •  SecretCorners: 

    There is a reason for the log books, it is to keep the drivers safe and keep the people sharing the road with the trucks safe.  However, there was an investigative piece where it was shown that drivers are being pushed by companies to drive too long.  The reason of course is to use fewer drivers for the same amount of hauls so that profits stay high.

    It is the 21st century and the shit is the same.

     996 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
    0 points
    •  Midianlord: 

      I added a little more to the post to touch on the title, which might have seemed a bit of a non sequitur otherwise..

      Yep: Like I said, we call them "comic-books" (among many other such names) for a reason.

       996 days ago 
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Goodbye to Romance