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27.06.2015 (1207 days ago)
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I Want September Now, Please...
by Midianlord ·
27-June-2015, 2:50 pm

The heat. (It's damned near 35 C here), the bugs, the constant sweating and stinking even if I shower 3 times a day...And that's here in Alberta, where --Gods be thanked!-- it's quite dry. (I don't know how anyone in high-humidity climates can even live in that shit in summer.)

But do you know what I really hate about summer?

The people. Oh my fucking God, these "summer-people."

Go have your summer fun --just like mainstream culture tells you to, you gruesomely weak-minded cretins!-- more quietly, and preferably, elsewhere.

I don't wanna listen to your shitty music, your drunken domestic arguments, your fart-cannon'ed rice-mobile that you think is fast, and I especially don't want to dodge your stupid overpriced caravan trailers on the motorway when I'm out --you know, working-- in the big truck.

You fucking idiots have no business, none, driving any kind of prime-mover/trailer combination, let alone a motorhome that's the size of, and actually based on a fucking Greyhound bus.

We need a special license to drive those, not to mention our tractor-trailer combinations, extensive training and experience to learn how to do it right, and are subject to very strict oversight and enforcement whilst driving them, so what the fuck gives you a free pass to weave/dog-track all over four lanes of motorway at 130km/h? Did you even see the vehicle you just about sideswiped whilst going round that bend? Again? Cretin.

Oh yeah, one other thing:

I don't want to have to look at your filthy, yellow-toenailed gross-ass feet whilst listening to that grating "fthup...fthup...fthup" sound as you all walk by in your CAD 1.50 Wal-Mart flip-flops. Do you have nice feet? Do you take care of them? Then put the 'flops on --I will appreciate this, I assure you!-- otherwise wear actual shoes, please, OK?

But most of all, summer cretin-people:

I don't fucking need you trying to make me feel guilty because I utterly despise this season for all that and so much more, as if that somehow makes me the weird/bad one. I have nothing to justify or prove to anyone, least of all an unthinking, emptily "happy and positive" intellectual gnat like you.

Bring on autumn already...It's what summer should always have been.

Fuck off out of my face, summer-people. All of you.

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  •  indian_summer: 

    You two made me giggle ... We're going to get a heatwave with over 40°C in the shadow, starting on Wednesday ... I can't wait for it ;P ... I want autumn too - now *giggling ...

     1205 days ago 
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  •  SecretCorners: 

    What I hate is the screaming children.  No wonder a kid can get half eaten by a shark and no one notices because they are bloody screaming the whole time they are in the water.  Why do parents let their children scream all the time; my Mum told me that screaming was for when I was hurt, and I bloody well be hurt if I screamed out because I would be after Mum got finished with me.  Sometimes I just want to tell them to shut the fuck up already.  I played my whole childhood and had plenty of fun and I did it without screaming.

     1206 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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    •  Midianlord: 

      Oh Gods, yes...

      Ever since approximately the late 1990s, parents have taken zero responsibility for their kids. Little fuckers run screaming and grabbing/breaking shit around in stores, restaurants, even movie theatres and libraries, and no-one even glances twice at them.

      It's the evolution of the entitlement-generation in action :(

      Maybe it's because I'm an introvert, but I always --even in early childhood-- was able to have my fun without opening my mouth, either.

      Kids need to be raised right again --it seems like you were raised in proper --even strict-- discipline, and I'd say you turned out just fine. In other words, a spanking and/or grounding now and then won't hurt these little beasts any.

       1206 days ago 
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I Want September Now, Please...