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27.03.2016 (933 days ago)
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I'm Outtie, Redux'ed
by Midianlord ·
27-March-2016, 3:09 am

So yeah:

I finally quit that fucking company about a month ago.

It was such a small thing that finally pushed me over.

I get in, clock in, do my pre-departure inspection ("pre-trip," in trucker-speak) on the truck, just like you're supposed to, get all ready to go an' shit...

First task, bobtail to Day and Ross' terminal up near Falconridge, grab a loaded trailer to bring back. Easy-squeezy, nothing out of the ordinary. I was supposed to take a trailer to a switch-point near Lake Louise that day for a BC driver (IE, we'd drop our trailers, and each take the other's, he'd haul my load on to Vancouver, BC I'd take his trailer that he'd brought from Vancouver to base in Calgary), but my trailer still had to get to Calgary from Edmonton, so the Day and Ross pick-up gave me something to do that the company needed done.

Like I said, easy-squeezy, totally routine.

But after I'd dropped off the bill of lading for the Day and Ross trailer, and was going to hook my just-arrived Lake Louise trailer, that fucking washed-up bitch piped up. "You're going to have to change trucks."


Again. And again, and again, and again, slip-seating fucking constantly --sometimes as much as five times in one day-- almost to the day that cow came. Not just me, this used-up dripping cum-dumpster-gone-stale does this to everyone, all. The fucking. Time. Why? Who even knows? Actually, I think I know, of which more anon.

Me: "In the name of FSM, why?"

Cunt-bitch: "Because I say so!"

I just threw up my hands, said like, "whatever, it never ends with you, does it?" Apparently, this was not the right response, because that other bitch --Little Miss Phony-Smile Bipolar-- then got into it:

Fake-bitch: "Maybe you should lose the fucking attitude, eh, Dan?"

I just looked at her.

Now as all know, the patented INTJ Death-Stare(TM) is not to be trifled with, especially if one is a "feeler" (which these gratingly tiresome idiots all are --major part of the problem, really. Meyers-Briggs type "F (Feeling)" and type "T(Thinking)" people are, in many ways, fundamentally alien to each other.)).

So I held the look a little longer. I then said that this just doesn't need to happen as much as it does, it's painfully obvious that there's just no flippin' real reason for it, and yet it always happens, and that it's fucking pissing me off. I then walked off to my not-mine-until-five-minutes-ago truck to pre-trip it, and then continue with my workday. I had a 200-ish km drive to do man, I was finished with them and their bullshit as of that instant --well for that shift, anyway [/facepalm]-- but apparently they weren't done with me:

"You know Dan, I know you're disappointed, but that doesn't mean you get to just turn away from us after glaring and cursing at us like that."

Oh, really:

Something I'd never actually done before --a true professional is emotionally disciplined, recall-- but I'm as human as the next guy (more's the fucking pity), and enough is bloody well enough. These stupid shits knew that they were pissing everybody off with their garbage and couldn't care less. They'd all but explicitly told me as much that day I went in to finally complain about it after months of their crap. But see, we don't have the right to be pissed off about that. We have only to accept it, we can never ever, ever give back, and Gods help you if you try.

Me: "Fine, I'll just keep my fucking mouth shut, then."

Fake-bitch: "Yeah, maybe you should!"

That was it.

Call me a wimp if you want to --"Awwww, little pussy whiny trucker can't handle being bitched/yelled at?"

Yes, I can, when there's a legitimate reason for it.

Not liking someone vis-a-vis things that aren't even remotely task/work-related is not a legitimate reason-- but I'd had it, then and there. Fucking months of misery, constant fucking around, ill-treatment, and outright contempt at the hands of these stupid, incompetent, blame-shifting, drama-obsessed bitches, and it all came to its head then and there.

I went out to now-my truck, and as I'd prepared before, I had only to fill in that day's date on the two-week notice I'd written up a while ago. I'd known for quite some while that I wasn't much longer for that place regardless, especially after the real reasons for things being as they are were explained to me, but...What-the-fuck-ever. Back in I go, hand in the notice.

Used-up-pig: "What's this?"

Me: "Flip it over." (It was written on the back of another paper that had old shit on the front.)

Out I go, and off to work, finally.

No, I didn't stay a second longer. Done is done, is fucking done, and so it was for me with these maggots.

I kept my promise: My mouth stayed shut for the next two weeks, no matter what they did. Funnily enough, the bullshit mostly stopped after I handed in my notice. Yeah bitches, a little late.

People don't quit "jobs" or "companies," OK:

They quit people. Typically, it's not any one thing that pushes it, but a succession of events and circumstances that builds up over time; It very rarely happens quickly, unless the individual is the kind of flake that you probably shouldn't have hired in the first place (And the warning signs of that tend to show pretty early with that type of person, if one knows what to look for).

I said earlier that I thought I knew why that worthless old cow did the things she did. Sure, a large part of it seems to me like plain old incompetence, but there's more to it, I think.

Ever since I first met her, I got the distinct impression that this is a woman who is owned --absolutely owned, lock, stock, and barrel-- by fear. Her face totally shows it, like a rabbit caught in headlamps. I've heard her say that she's had a hysterectomy at some point in her life, I've also heard her mention an ex-husband. Could it be that that ex is/was...a trucker? And he'd hurt/ill-used/otherwise done something bad to her? She's also incompetent at her job as stated, so now we've got some critical ingredients all mixed up and ready to go:

She gets paid peanuts --it's one of the main reasons things have gone to shit there, Gene (the "boss") just won't pay his office staff bugger-all compared to what good examples of such are actually worth.

She has, or is at least at risk for major health issues, suffering same would almost certainly put her in serious financial trouble.

And --unless I'm very much mistaken-- she's likely bitter about men in general and male truckers (IE, most truckers) in particular.

What do humans do when they're afraid? They lash out. Whom do they lash out at? Pretty much everyone, but when our scared little rabbit has a subset of targets that they can explicitly justify lashing out against...yeah.

"He hurt me, so I'm going to hurt them all back --just you wait, I'll show them! I'll show them all! They're all the same, aren't they?"

Because another thing humans do is generalise, and if one can justify same even however tangentially...Well then, the sky's the limit! Gotta keep that fear stuffed waaaaaaaayyyy off in the back of the mind, where it's easier to convince myself that it's forgotten! Gotta override it enough to convince myself that I still have some pathetic shreds of power in my pathetic little world! And if that means some nameless workaday drone --especially one over whom I have actual, explicit power-- gets screwed over, well...he's just another trucker, and I already know how they can be, don't I?

Bitch, I'm not your ex. I'm not the one who caused your health issues. I'm not your sounding-board, drama-sponge, or confessor, either. I'm there to do a job, fullstop/end-of.

That's why I quit.

I didn't quit a "job," or a "company." As stated, people don't quit those, they quit people.

I quit being one or two specific people's scapegoat. Fullstop/end-of.

I'm a trucker, not a doormat.

Go fist-fuck yourselves, [company name]., I will never again lift a finger for you.

I never want to see, speak to, or have anything to do with any of you in that office ever again. You see, I was taught to be an old-school professional --my age-cohort may well be the last group of truckers who was-- and one thing about being a professional of that type is taking/having pride in what you do. This is informed by taking/having pride in what you are, because not everybody can do what we do.

To us, "trucker" means something, something good that is informed by honour, integrity, perseverance, and discipline.

I quit because I'm better than you, [company name].

And you treated me as you did because you knew that I knew this.

I've driven for a living for almost 18 years now, probably closing in on 2 million km accident- and mostly violation-free,  I can easily do better than the likes of you.

I am, I will remain, and I will always choose to be of the élite. Not of the likes of you.

And you just can't stand that, can you --every time I walk in, you see me, and you can't prevent what I am --that I scorn to hide, naturally enough-- from showing you just how low, pitiful, and ultimately meaningless you really are.

Can you.


Being your dark mirror and scapegoated for same is not in my job-description, either, and I certainly wasn't being paid enough to be your as-it-were therapist.

So that's why I quit.

I quit you.

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  •  Greystarfish1: 

    Have you found a new job?

     910 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
    0 points
    •  Midianlord: 

      Not yet. I got a decent pile of money saved up, so I can afford to "cruise" for a little bit. I wanna quit smoking for good and all first (IE, at least 30-40 days without a cigarette), so stressors don't push me back into it.

      That and a few other things to get done, now that I've some time.

       906 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
      0 points
      •  SecretCorners: 

        Glad to hear that you are going to try quitting the fags again; your health is important dear.  Just remember what I told you about the cravings.

         906 days ago 
        0 points
  •  Greystarfish1: 

    Were other truck drivers and other employees, treated the same way?

    I hope, that you find a much better job, very soon.

     932 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
    0 points
    •  Midianlord: 

      Some of the others were, yes. Yeah, I hope so, too.

       932 days ago 
      0 points
  •  SecretCorners: 

    You are probably correct in your assessment, I had a shrink friend once tell me that "It is not about you, it is about them."  Still, that dose not give them the right to use you for a punching bag. 

    What are your plans now?

     932 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
    0 points
    •  Midianlord: 

      Not sure...Maybe safety/compliance/driver training. I don't wanna drive anymore, sick to death of it.

       932 days ago 
      0 points
  •  diogenese19348: 

    Just out of curiosity, how many other drivers work for that company, and were they voicing the same thing, just not to the point of leaving?

     932 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
    0 points
    •  Midianlord: 

      There's about 20-odd drivers. The night-shift guys didn't complain too much because they don't have to deal with the office much directly (although they did have to deal with the results of their incompetence with no-one around to help, typically). The day drivers all had to deal with that bullshit, to the point of being harassed at home on their off-time by that piece of shit.

      No-one else had left, yet, by the time I did, but I suspect it's only a matter of time. I think at least three others will have had enough by now.

       932 days ago 
      0 points
  •  indian_summer: 

    Yay, you did it :) - Congrats ... I wish you a much better future than the time you had to go through with that person ... Big Hug

     933 days ago 
    0 points
I'm Outtie, Redux'ed