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15.08.2015 (1158 days ago)
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Internal Application: Rejected (No Cake for You!)
by Midianlord ·
15-August-2015, 3:45 pm

For fuck's sake...

So it turns out that my employer's safety/compliance manager/dispatcher --the guy who does the hiring and firing of drivers, road-tests them, who must know and keep abreast of all the laws, and in general is the nominal god-head of our little peon-world quit yesterday.

I hated the man: Ego-tripping little-minded, backstabbing douchebag clearly in love with both himself and the explicit power of his position over the rest of us --you know, typical modern truck dispatcher-- but apparently, he had family issues; He even had to run off home once to deal with a family emergency, so...Yeah. My quarrel is with him, not his family (whom I've never even seen) so, clearly he had good reason.

No cake for him, though (but I did see a box of Tim Hortons' on the table).

Maybe this means that he'll be back eventually? They told me he actually had quit, and not just taken an extended leave/sabbatical, but that's no assurance around here. They come back. They always fucking come back. (Hell, I've done it, too.)


Or maybe, I guess only the women get cake, in order to offset how they suffer at the hands of Male PrivilegeTM and the oppression of The PatriarchyTM.



I said to the daughter of the owner that I wanted to apply internally for his position. I instantly got an answer that she was going to do it, said dismissively, with her hardly even looking at me as she did so.

Fucking family-owned companies.

I have seventeen fucking years of HGV driving and probably at least a million fucking kilometres under my belt, never had an accident or damaged equipment, although near-misses courtesy of these gonorrhea-dripping civilian cretins are without number, now.

But guess what: It's the fact that I was taught to be an alert, focussed professional driver right from day-1 that's made it that way.

What does this fake-happy/positive, emptily plastic-smiling fucking happy-family-slag know about actually being a trucker?

No, not just driving a truck --that's the easy part, I could teach almost literally fucking anyone to do that-- but being a trucker, being of the elite? That can only come with real experience and practise, and I assure you, the process of same will weed out --often, harshly-- those who aren't cut out for this long before seventeen years have passed.

What do you fucking know about being a trucker, you phony bitch?

Fucking nothing, that's what.

What do you know about the laws governing truckers, you phony bitch?

Fucking nothing, that's what.

I know those laws --maybe not inside and out (there are a lot of little situational deferments and exemptions in the Canadian HoS laws that can get one into trouble depending on who is doing the interpreting thereof), but I know them well enough, I think. Because I've essentially lived under them for seventeen years.

How can you tell if you might be driving on black ice, you phony bitch?

(Hint: Smears of reflected red versus spears of reflected red on the road. And, combined with looking --often-- in your mirrors for spray.)

OK, it's raining now --when are conditions during a rain at their most dangerous, and why? Phony bitch.

Explain the "stab-braking" technique to descend a grade to a new/rookie driver with little or no mountain-driving experience, please. bitch?

Hey, here's a good one, if I may say so myself (bitch.):

How and when might one be able to "test" if it's safe to use one's Jacobs-brake in potentially slippery conditions? And its much easier corollary: In what situations must one never use one's "jake" because it's pretty much guaranteed suicide?

I know the answers to all these questions, and many, many more (Want me to go on? Because I can, you know), courtesy of having lived it for almost my entire bloody working life. More to the point, I can teach people these answers in a way that they'll remember and remember to apply out there under 39.5+ tonnes of pre-packaged rubber dogshit, and I can do so --

in a way that doesn't leave them feeling like they're being condescended to by some cunt who is convinced he's better than them simply because of his name and/or bank-balance.

Fucking phony bitch.

What have you lived during your working life? That is, aside from having every door always guaranteed-open to you because your name is [founder/owner family surname]?

I have actually worked for many family-owned entities in my adult life. Nepotism in general is hardly foreign to my experience, but this....

So blatant.

But moreover:

So quick, and so totally off-the-cuff, which says to me what a forgone conclusion it is, and always was. I almost don't want to admit it --like I said, this is not foreign to me by a long shot, I should be well used to it by now-- but that latter component genuinely hurt:

To know --in a way that completely forbids me putting any kind of minimising spin on it in my mind-- that all my experience, knowledge, and bloody well constantly proven over almost twenty years merit count for absolutely nothing to these people.

And all for such a fundamentally arbitrary reason?

All because of which particular batch of genetic mush one happens to be made of?

That fucking hurt.

Yeah, I guess I can start really internalising this now.

I mean, lookit: I turn 42 in ten days, so I guess it's long past time that I stop deluding myself.

I'm nothing, nothing I do or achieve matters, and that's all I'll ever be.,

Thanks for the explicit confirmation.

Fucking phony bitch.

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  •  SecretCorners: 

    Dan, you are a great person so don't let this get you down.  If the damn politicians didn't let them kill the economy, Canada and the USA, you wouldn't even be worrying about any of this now.

    You are someone to me Dan, remember that.

    Bide your time, she will mess up big time; hopefully not get anyone killed, and you can have your payback.

     1157 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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    •  Midianlord: 

      (hugs you) This is one of many reasons why I treasure you, Kim. You always "get it."

      Yes, that's good advice, I think...To bide my time. I just have to remember not to say anything that'll get me written-up (or sacked, lol) in the meantime when she demonstrates her complete lack of relevant knowledge. (like I said, almost anyone can learn to drive a truck, which she actually can do, as far as I know. Being a proper trucker is something else entirely.)

       1157 days ago 
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Internal Application: Rejected (No Cake for You!)