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06.09.2017 (405 days ago)
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Labour Day? Just Another Day...
by Midianlord ·
6-September-2017, 7:45 am

(I originally wrote this as a FakeBook comment on a shared link (OK, OK, the Wikipedia article on Labour Day; Deal with it) on Labour Day, and how people have died fighting for it --or, more often simply got worked to death never knowing any alternative. It got a bit long, especially for an FB post, so I thought it worth cross-posting here.)

Nothing substantial's changed since the days of the first Industrial Revolution.

It's no longer considered polite to send 8-year-old kids to the factory to work 16 hour days till they die before age 25, but it still really just comes down to an accident of birth, and most of us are still born into serfdom.

They just let us have a few extra little stupid toys to dull the tedium, all whilst screaming at us how free we are.

Eventually we might even believe it, in the hope that, if nothing else, then at least the constant fucking screaming and the grating, un-ending tedium of having to deal with them will stop.

But they never do.





And then, one day, you wake up before 5.00am just like you've been doing for the last 20, 30, 40, or more years --only today, there's something a bit different:

Today is the day that you realise all your prospects and potential are gone, you've wasted your entire life working harder and harder and harder for less and less and less whilst the pieces of dogshit who owned your miserable existence from the day you were born get more and more and more.

You wake up before 5.00am, except that today, fucking everything hurts, to the point that you have to set your alarm 15 minutes earlier because it takes you that long to drag yourself out of bed.

And, hey whaddaya know:

This is how you know that you've "made it" to "retirement", just in time to die in a few more years --if you're really lucky, maybe 15 more years-- now that they can't use you anymore.

Shut up, be happy, and enjoy your Freedom(TM).

You don't want to find out what happens to serfs who aren't good little serfs anymore.

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  •  SecretCorners: 

    At one time they were pushing in the States to move retirement age to 70 and some even pushed for 75.  There are states in the US where the average life expectancy is 75 years.  So these aresholes wants to force people to work until they are 70 and then they die in five years.  Not one single bank holiday in the US is protected; every single one employers can force their workers to work on that holiday, including Labour Day.  The lower the rung you are standing on the less worker rights you have.  I doubt if any CEO is forced to work on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labour Day, Easter, etc but the ones having to bust their arses to keep the lights on are forced to work.

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    •  Midianlord: 

      What really gets me about all this is the mentality of most working people --Americans especially-- that wholeheartedly support this, and continue to actively fight to perpetuate their own enslavement.

      Maybe there's a reason for that, or maybe the indoctrination has just been that successful, nu?

      I mean to read this book soon, just by the bye.

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Labour Day? Just Another Day...