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05.01.2013 (2385 days ago)
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Needs of the World Poll
by cosmicrat ·
5-January-2013, 11:23 pm

My 'What the world needs most' poll is now 9 days old. Like peas-porridge in the pot, it is probably done, and ready to serve.

Admittedly, it was a rigged poll. I included only items that I think the world needs, leaving out such items as 'more nuclear weapons' and 'World War 3'. I suppose you could say it is biased. There was no 'all of the above' option. That would have been an easy choice, but wouldn't have revealed anyone's priorities.

Less war and aggression (4)
Better environmental protection (3)
More respect for human rights (3)
More economic equality (1)
Fewer people (2)
More tolerance and acceptance (2)
Something else. (7)

'Something else' was the clear winner. That means my list was not all-inclusive, not that it was intended to be. I especially want to hear from those respondents, because one thing the world needs is new ideas and solutions.

Clearly the question deserves more complex answers than multiple choice. Human rights, tolerance, and economic equality are all part of the path to less war and aggression. Fewer people (population control) and environmental protection are complementary approaches to a sustainable planet. And wars are seldom environment-friendly.

Of those not picking 'something else':
26.7% picked 'less war'
20% picked 'human rights'
20% picked 'environmental protection
13.3% picked either 'more tolerance' or 'fewer people
6.7% picked 'economic equality'

We could group the answers as 66.7% human-oriented and 33.3% planet oriented, though that would hardly be fair, since saving the planet means saving the humans as well.
At any rate, we need to deal with all these things at once. Can a planet of 7 billion people multitask, if sufficiently motivated? I think so.

So, now comes the essay portion of the test: explain, in 10,000 words or less, your choice in the poll. We'll get this world fixed yet.

--cosmicrat Jan 6, 2013

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  •  cosmicrat: 

    The fact that Earth could become unlivable, in the worst case, indicates that the range from best to worst possible outcomes is still quite bad, assuming that we fail to stop making it worse. Between now and then there may be changes affecting agriculture and sea levels that require major migrations which will impact national economies and strain international relations.

    Since those relations are already under stress from quests for economic domination and resource control, along with other motives, there is increased danger of military conflict, which could destroy civilization and make the source of our possible extinction a moot point.

    International cooperation is vital on both fronts- reducing conflicts and dealing with emissions, and with the unavoidable disruptions of climate change. 

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  •  Geek-Girl: 

    As a scientist, I look at data; and the data does not look good.  Just looking at how many species of life are disappearing tells the story; diversity of life is an indicator of the health of a planet and for the planet earth it tells us the planet is dying.  It has happen before.  There have been five major extinction periods and many smaller ones between the major ones.  Each time the earth recovers bringing forth new life, different life.  However, as I love this planet as it is, I love the plant and animal life we have now, I am glad that I will not be here to see it all end.  Still, it would be nice to be here million of years from now and see what new life forms have come forth to walk the earth, what new forms of plants cover the earth.

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  •  cosmicrat: 

    Don't worry, it's not too late to vote.  I'm flexible.  Your prognosis sounds a wee bit pessimistic.  Since we ourselves won't likely be here in 100 years, we won't know if you're right.

    I agree that the corporate interests and greed in general are holding up progress on greenhouse gas reduction, and that the result will probably be some devastating changes, which will be costly and disruptive.  Some of the greedy will wish they had listened.  Others may profit from the transition.  For most people, as you say, it won't be the world as we know it now.

    I don't think our extinction will be the end result, though we will probably find that fewer of us are sustainable.  Still, I'd like to think humanity would have it better, not worse, in the future.  I don't think we should give up on that.  To some, it may seem illogical to care how the human race does after we are dead.  Call me sentimental, but despite its faults, I rather like our species.

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  •  SecretCorners: 

    I missed this poll.  Here is the kicker in all this, the world has already entered the sixth major extinction and most likely the world as we know it won't be here in a hundred years.  There is only a slim chance it can be slowed and perhaps reversed; however, none of the major powers will do anything because of the corporations that own and control them.

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Needs of the World Poll