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11.11.2016 (704 days ago)
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What Is This, I Don't Even...
by Midianlord ·
11-November-2016, 12:35 am

It's not the politics, OK?

No, it's not the politics:

Neither traditional "left" nor "right" speaks to me anymore, and they haven't for a very, very long time.

What explicit modern political party/platform exists that does speak to someone like me?

Someone who, although self-identifies as mixed Classical/ORDO-Liberal, is 100% willing to sacrifice democracy --laughably pathetic and insultingly obvious sham that it is!-- for true meritocracy, and makes no bones about developing an increasingly uncompromising authoritarian streak as he ages?

(In my own neck of the woods, the Alberta Party covered a lot of my bases, but they don't extend beyond this province, and have a long time ahead of them before your "typical" Alberta voter sees them as a serious choice on the ballot. But that's ultimately neither here nor there...)

Because it's not like I needed additional proof that most humans really can't handle "freedom" --or even the convincingly-marketed second-rate, over-priced imitation that Americans get-- but well, there it is anyway!

Trump. Fuck.

Beyond simply "rabid" thought-policing and/or identity-politics, used to inform utterly mindless sectarian fanaticism from the left.

Insufferable-beyond-description self-righteous smugness from the right.

Can someone explain to me how it's even possible to lose an election against the likes of Donald. Fucking. Trump?

Yet that's exactly what happened: Trump didn't win anything, Hillary lost (it wouldn't surprise me if she threw the fight, as it were. She's supposed to be a smarter political operator than "flyover country," and "basket of deplorables," isn't she? Say whatever else you will about her, but at least that I can see, she is not a stupid woman, by any means...And yet, that was a simply, egregiously, thoughtlessly stupid form of political suicide.)

Don't even get me started about Bernie Sanders, that craven, milk-livered, proven-zero-integrity coward.

("Oh, no! I might actually have to fight for my principles! Can't have that, that might endanger the public-trough- financed cynosure i've got going into the October of my years with! Best to just roll over and play dead, it's the safest option!" Chickenshit, washed-up, useless old hippie has-been...)


Leonard fucking Cohen fucking dies.

But yet we get fucking Trump.

Fucking fuck.

You know what? To the Abyss with this, I'm finished.

You morons deserve what you'll get. Every last god-damned bit of it for every last fucking one of you.

I am, at present, beginning to research if it's actually feasible to leave North America permanently and start over somewhere, far, far away from the Unlimited Supply of Assholes...

I think/hope/pray that New Zealand is far enough? I imagine they need truckers too, but I am done here, certainly mentally and emotionally, if not (ideally) also physically.

Congratulations, America:

You "won."

Except that you didn't win a God-damned thing. That piece of dogshit jumed-up petty extortionist-crook is the only one who "won" anything at all, here.

And soon, you will learn what real cost of Trump's victory actually is.

(Good ole' Vladi Vladimir'ich, and the Chinese State Council and/or National Peoples' Congress have got to be laughing their asses off right now, and have every right to be, but who really knows? For damned sure, you credulous little marks don't know enough to care, in any case.)

I wish I could say that I'll enjoy watching it --I usually do enjoy watching the thoughtless and the gormless get their just desserts-- but this, like more and more things even remotely American, has just gotten too god-damned insufferable.

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  •  SecretCorners: 

    I forgot to mention the commission on presidential debates.  Have you wondered why there are only Democrats and Republicans in the debate when there have been other people running for office?  It is because the commission is a scam; it is controlled by Democrats and Republicans to keep others out of the debates so they don't get the coverage they need.

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    •  Midianlord: 

      Yep, I remember them...Ever wonder why no Greens or Independents ever seem to gain any traction, well there you go.

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  •  SecretCorners: 

    Trump may be a slimeball when it comes to business; I won't argue about his business dealings.  However, Trump is more of a democrat than a republican.  Hillary Clinton is not a democrats; there are no FDR and JFK democrats left, she is part of the neoliberals; which means she is part of the same mindset of the GOP that wants things like bad trade deals.  In fact, remember it was Bill Clinton that ended Glass-Stegal, anti speculation laws in such things as oil, NAFTA, China Trade deal, Don't ask don't tell, and the Defense of Marriage Act..The Clintons are the cause of the collapse of the US economy.

    The main question with Trump is will he be able to stand up to the GOP elite that wanted the same things that Clinton wanted;  ask yourself why so many republicans were backing Clinton.  Trump picked Pence as VP to draw in the ultra left nutwhacks but the majority of the GOP base were sick and tired of the nutwhacks, otherwise they would have voted for them in the primaries.  Trump has already stated he may look at modifying the ACA instead of completely scrapping it.  The ACA need to also tackle the fraud in the medical industry; things like charging someone a dollar for an aspirin tablet or a doctor popping into your room and asking you how you are feeling and then charging you.

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    •  Midianlord: 

      Just as an aside:

      "[...] the fraud in the medical industry; things like charging someone a dollar for an aspirin tablet or a doctor popping into your room and asking you how you are feeling and then charging you."

      ^That^ is something I literally just cannot wrap my head around, and never could.

      How is it that every civilised country on the planet except MURRIKKAFUCKYEAH has seen the benefits of a national/single-payer health system, and last I checked, we're not due to repeat the October Revolution or the Red/White Civil War anytime soon?

      Oh yeah, and our taxes are nowhere near as much higher than yours as your neocon demagogues want you to believe. (You get what you pay for, and overall our value for tax-money is pretty good here.)

      You know that TV show "Breaking Bad?" The Canadian, British, Australian, or any European country's version of that show would last exactly one episode, and go something like this:

      "You have been diagnosed with cancer, Mr. White. Please make sure you're at [location] on [date/time], where your treatment will begin, unless you'd like to arrange a new time?"

      Um, anyway:

      I think that take-a-Dump will either toe the line and quietly become their puppet, and they'll let him do his ego-aggrandisement for us oiks --a reward of bread and circuses for the guy whose only real use is being the bread and circuses, see what I mean?

      Or, they'll break him into being the same thing before then dumping him as used up and/or potential liability in 2020.

      That, and Putin will play him like a cheap pawn-shop guitar every time they encounter each other.

      It's his incompetence and inexperience that are the real dangers, long-term, combined with how much more vulnerable those make him to the real operators in DC, who are not good or nice people. And I'm quite sure that he is far, far too self-absorbed/narcissistic to even be able to conceive that he's just a very tiny, meaningless little fish who only hasn't been gobbled up by the sharks because they find him useful. For now. That's the real danger.

      That, plus the man himself is utterly repellent on every single level, it really is a deeply visceral thing for me;

      I can barely put it into words just how vile an excuse for a human being I find him. He and those like him really are, to me, nothing more than walking disease.

      Make of that what you will, but there it is.

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  •  SecretCorners: 

    Dan, I am going to take a guess that you only got your news from the telly.  That you don't know the realities of what has happened in the USA.  The Democrats went on a campaign to fight Trump personality since they could not really fight him on his policies.  One of the biggest tools in the USA is to paint someone with the racist brush and that is what the Democrats did.

    > We're told that President Clinton (like Mrs. Clinton and some other Dems) > thinks that Trump would be a formidable opponent in the general election, > and that Dems are in a form of denial if they dismiss Trump as a joke who > would be easily defeated in November. President Clinton, like others, > thinks that Trump has his finger on the pulse of the electorate's mood and > that only a well-financed, concerted campaign portrayed him as dangerous > and bigoted will win what both Clintons believe will be a close November > election.

    Dan, look up my posts on the Clintons; watch the videos, read the articles I have posted.  To me, Haiti sums up the evilness of the Clintons.  After the earthquake, billions of dollars poured into the Haitian relief fund.  The Clintons got control of this fund; Bill Clinton got control of the board and surrounded himself with those that would go along.  Not one house was built for the Haitians.  Watch the HBO video that I posted; people living in shacks and having to shit in buckets because of the Clintons.  When the hurricane blew through 1000s died because they had no real protection from the storm.   Trump winning might just have saved the world.

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    •  Midianlord: 

      I'm aware, let me assure you. I've seem your posts, among many others, and recall that I never disagreed with them --The Clinton Crime Dynasty is bad, and definitely not the Great SJW Hope(TM) that partisan-blinded little middle-class White girls think they are.

      I think/hope/pray that we can all agree there.

      But do you --any of you-- seriously think the Dump is any better? Look at his actual business track-record, and how his standard operating procedure resulted in the "Trump-tax" in Atlantic City, once upon a time ago.

      (Yes, this became SOP when he just wouldn't stop stiffing contractors....Something like 3000+ of them over the years.

      Surely you could have done better than the choice between the evil of two lessers, no?

      A slimeball of a used-car salesman (and not a very good one, if his track record is anything to go by) who didn't legitimately earn any of his money and who has nothing but contempt for anyone that isn't him (nothing to do with race, it's the way he is, and always was).

      That's not someone you want running your country, I hope?

      As I said in my comment on that one guy's post last night:

      The Clinton Dynasty may be over (a good thing), but I suspect the Bush Crime Cartel (much worse) is lurking in the wings, ready to ride in and "save the day" come 2020, and that will be much worse than anything Bubba and his Harpy ever did...

      Sure, you may have staved off the rise of Lady Vader (Cheney, Bush, et al are still much worse, and remember what I said before), but is this narcissistic, demonstrably incompetent, complete and utter low-rent slimeball the best alternative you could come up with?

      Is it, really?

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      •  SecretCorners: 

        I should have already replied and I indicated this in another post.  There were other candidates running for the office of president of the USA.  However, after Ross Perot the Democrats and Republicans got together and worked out how to prevent anyone other that Democrats and Republicans from appearing in the debates; which are important for getting candidates before the public.  The corrupt Democrats and Republicans; just opposites of the same coin, have been in power since mid 1853 and they don't want to give up that power.  That is why the USA is in such a shitty position with open corruption from both Democrats and Republicans.  The current power structure needs to be broken.  I would have welcomed anyone outside Trump and Clinton as president.  However, as long as the Dems and Repubs controls the government, they will do everything to prevent it.

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        •  Midianlord: 

          Yep...It's a one-party oligarchy masquerading as a democracy, and has been for a long, long time.

          Mind you Ross Perot was a fringe nutter with most of the roughest edges filed smooth, but still...

          When was the last non-Dem/non-Rep party with any real power a thing, like the Whigs in the 1840s, or something?

          Things have been the same for far, far too long at any rate....Really, Trump is just a logical end-point of this.

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What Is This, I Don't Even...