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by SecretCorners ·
13-January-2019, 11:17 pm

With CentOS 7 the default firewall is now firewalld.  Since that is the default firewall for the OS I decided I would start t

by SecretCorners ·
12-January-2019, 4:51 pm

It appears that ideology triumphs over science once again. The lab that James Watson led for decades has stripped the Nobel

by SecretCorners ·
10-January-2019, 1:05 pm

Collards One of the things I like to grow in my gardens is collards.  Collards are loose-leafed cultivars of Brassica olerac

by SecretCorners ·
10-January-2019, 12:17 am

A law barring immigrants who are in the country without authorization from owning guns does not violate the 2nd Amendment, a

by SecretCorners ·
9-January-2019, 1:57 pm

By Mark Potter Correspondent NBC News updated 10/22/2009 6:50:42 PM ET NOGALES, Ariz. – Just before sundown, the nightly

by SecretCorners ·
8-January-2019, 11:29 am

Get your facts out of my face you racist white man.

by SecretCorners ·
29-December-2018, 3:16 pm

I just read the following and this should be ended.  Why should a private citizen be allowed to build a 30 million dollar hom

by SecretCorners ·
24-December-2018, 6:22 pm

Here it is, Mythmus Eve.  When Mum was still here Mythmus Eve would have Mum in the kitchen preparing some things for the Myt

by SecretCorners ·
21-December-2018, 11:15 am

Here is my Mythmus tree for this year.

by SecretCorners ·
19-December-2018, 11:25 pm

A week or two ago some people here made comments that Father Christmas did not exist.  I emphatically made the point that he
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