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by cosmicrat ·
30-December-2018, 3:07 am

I just finished commenting on "Oh Well. What Can You Expect From Trump", and having posted it, found the entire article and t

by cosmicrat ·
18-November-2018, 9:55 pm

Anyone who takes Fox News' Tucker Carlson at face value is likely to find they have been "Tuckered".  (It rhymes nicely with

by cosmicrat ·
1-November-2018, 6:59 am

by cosmicrat ·
7-September-2018, 8:07 am

America’s first black billionaire gets police involved after hotel refuses to check him in

by cosmicrat ·
20-August-2018, 8:22 pm

The final battle of the Civil Social Justice War will be in the heart, mind and spirit of the nation

by cosmicrat ·
7-July-2018, 1:42 pm

by cosmicrat ·
20-June-2018, 3:06 am

There's  not a lot to say about this, except that he's at least honest about what he wants. Make America White Again': T

by cosmicrat ·
29-April-2018, 11:16 am "Once upon a time, “identity p

by cosmicrat ·
23-April-2018, 5:02 pm

John Bolton worked with Russia, spread racist stories to increase fear of Muslim immigrants "Though it may seem that John Bol

by cosmicrat ·
6-April-2018, 6:14 pm

Farts are funny. Our fascination with farts is, ironically, endless. Farts: which animals do, which don’t, and why https://do
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