by SecretCorners 17.09.2019    Comments: 4    Tags: jericho green  
Jericho Green 1 hour ago Took my son to grab lunch after he got out of preschool. I didn't expect to see this. Thank you Gavin Newsom! #liberalcancer #greenpiece
by SecretCorners 17.09.2019    Comments: 2    Tags: prageru  
by SecretCorners 17.09.2019    Comments: 2    Tags: far side  
Is The Far Side returning?  The long dormant website has an updated front page with the words:
by SecretCorners 16.09.2019    Comments: 6    Tags: ric ocasek  
Not anyone I listened to; just saw it in the news feed. ========================================= Sept. 15 (UPI) -- The Cars lead singer Ric Ocasek has died in New York. He was 75.
by Geek-Girl 15.09.2019    Comments: 4    Tags: gg is back  
Hello the Shmoo family.  I have been away on holiday this week but have returned home.  While on holiday I did check in to make sure things were running as they should.  I plan to return to the upgrades I was working on before I had to tackle the server issue.  Th
by SecretCorners 15.09.2019    Comments: 3    Tags: bahamas  hurricanes  
Hopefully the world can come together and help the Bahamas; as long as we make damn sure that the Clintons are not allow anywhere near the Bahamas; the bastards were cohorts in making billions of donated dollars disappear in Haiti and not one house was built, no wa
by SecretCorners 12.09.2019    Comments: 2    Tags: 9-11  
My training is in science; I deal in facts, true data and not in bullshit science use to lie to people about what happened to the Twin Towers.  The towers fell because explosive were set to bring them down. End of story.
by SecretCorners 06.09.2019    Comments: 2    Tags: friday  
What are the weekend plans?
by SecretCorners 03.09.2019    Comments: 1    Tags: democrat bullshit  
The vast majority of White people in the US are not racists, are not White Supremacists, are not terrorists.  Tucker Carlson was correct and the regressive left knows this.  However, they are lying because they want to scare all Black and Brown people into believing
by VeroMariquita 03.09.2019    Comments: 18    Tags: quiz  
What is your favorite word? (and why?) Mine is...... "Why"
by SecretCorners 03.09.2019    Comments: 7    Tags: last hurrah  summer  labour day  
I got an invite to sister 1 today for a Labour Day BBQ.  Good food, good company, good fun.  I hope everyone had a great Labour Day including my friends from overseas.
by SecretCorners 03.09.2019    Comments: 0    Tags: bullshit of the day  
This is also the bullshit of the day but I know we have some new members.  New York wants to destroy the education system in a race to the bottom.  They already removed English proficiency  as a requirement for teachers to be employed because Blacks couldn't pass t
by SecretCorners 02.09.2019    Comments: 12    Tags: little sluts  
Good, it is a bout time.  There have been teenage boys that have been convicted of distributing under age pornography by sharing photos some girl sent them. The top court in Maryland
by SecretCorners 02.09.2019    Comments: 8    Tags: pinky and the brain  
Most are saying it is Trump's fault; he pulled the US out of the Paris Accord and now we have this massive hurricane barrelling down on the US.  However, I have a different theory; I think it is Pinky and the Brain.  They created it to take over the world.
by SecretCorners 31.08.2019    Comments: 5    Tags: amazon junk  
Be careful, you could be buying junk that could kill you.  Of course the same can be true on eBay as I have cautioned about before.
by SecretCorners 31.08.2019    Comments: 7    Tags: last hurrah  summer  labour day  
Labour Day Weekend is upon us.  Summer is officially ending.  My summer was not a good one.  I did almost nothing this summer in the fun category.  Oh there were plans but none became reality.  Even gardening wasn't good; just about all the annuals I purchased died
by SecretCorners 29.08.2019    Comments: 3    Tags: red light deaths  
It appears that red light deaths are increasing.  You sit at the traffic light, it turns green, you move into the junction and bam, someone T-bones you and you are dead.  That scenario appears to be increasing and red light deaths are at a 10 year high.  I check be
by SecretCorners 29.08.2019    Comments: 7    Tags: stupidity  
Tourists can’t seem to stay away from a dangerous cliffside in Australia – despite warnings from officials and, most recently, the death of a 27-year-old woman who
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