by SecretCorners 18.07.2019    Comments: 0    Tags: ms-13  
Don't you think that the arrest of 22 MS-13 gang members; the vast majority illegal aliens, is more important that some chants at a rally?  These animals, yes, animals, that is what they are, fucking pieces of shit animals, hack people to death.  A homeless man was
by VeroMariquita 18.07.2019    Comments: 18    Tags: posts  
Ok so pretend I am on the outline page.... I read something that triggers an impulse for me to do a  blog or note... I look around (on the outline page) for a "Quick post box" with the proper links to b
by SecretCorners 18.07.2019    Comments: 4    Tags: bullshit of the day Social Justice Warriors have infiltrated every branch of science and we are all the worst for it.
by VeroMariquita 18.07.2019    Comments: 30    Tags: taters  
Fresh taters from the Veronique Mariquita Farm.
by SecretCorners 18.07.2019    Comments: 4    Tags: gotta love it  
I love it.  A woman; a dark skin woman; an immigrant woman from Jamaica; an articulate woman, who is all that and a Republican, is running against Cortez.  Cortez won't stand a chance going up against her.  The only thing is that the district is heavily Democrats s
by SecretCorners 18.07.2019    Comments: 0    Tags: shitting on americans  
H.R. 1044, the "Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act" passed the House of Representatives.  It should have been labelled the "Shit on American Workers Act" because that is exactly what the bill is about.   224 Democrats, 140 Republicans, and 1 Independent voted
by SecretCorners 18.07.2019    Comments: 0    Tags: bad science  
You can try to correct it but the dataset is still garbage and basically you have to throw it away and start over. https://phys.
by SecretCorners 17.07.2019    Comments: 2    Tags: bullshit of the day Why?  Why can't you make bag
by SecretCorners 17.07.2019    Comments: 3    Tags: fuck the democrats  
There is currently 280 Democrats serving in Congress.  Yet, we only hear from a few of them; the stark raving batshit crazy ones.  If the sane Democrats don't start speaking up and against the batshit crazy Democrats, their party is going to end badly.  It is appear
by SecretCorners 16.07.2019    Comments: 8    Tags: hobbling man  
On the way home I had to stopped for petrol; I went inside the market to prepay.  As I approached the sales registers, a man bent over from the waist and using a cane hobbled up to the registers.  As I waited in the queue I overheard the man telling the clerk how h
by SecretCorners 16.07.2019    Comments: 1    Tags: the bullshit is deep  
Everyone should be pissed off at the Democrats playing the racist card when Trump's remarks had nothing at all to do with race.  This isn't about if you like or dislike Trump for whatever reason.  This is about honesty from our elected officials.  The Democrats kno
by SecretCorners 16.07.2019    Comments: 0    Tags: carl benjamin  
The racist party, the party of slavery, KKK, Jim Crow; the party that has done more to hurt Blacks, always fall back on their most popular tool, "YOU ARE A RACIST" even if it has absolutely nothing to do with race.  Yes, I can call out a Black person without being
The main reason is the lack of men/fathers in the home.  Approximately 72% of Black households don't have the father in the home.  The Democrats pushed policies for this; don't have the father in the home, no problem, just head on down to social services.  The Blac
by SecretCorners 15.07.2019    Comments: 7    Tags: amazon scam  
Went to purchase something on Amazon and it wouldn't allow me to add it to my cart.  Then the page disappeared completely.  Sounds like this whole Amazon Prime Day is a scam.
by SecretCorners 15.07.2019    Comments: 15    Tags: plastics stupidity  
The plastics in the oceans comes from eight rivers; none are in the USA.  So why are you fucking with my plastic bags?  I stopped at the market on my way home this evening and they are now only using paper bags.  I have uses for used plastic shopping bags; for exam
by SecretCorners 14.07.2019    Comments: 6    Tags: red plums.  
The red plums did well this year.  I have been removing them from the p
by SecretCorners 13.07.2019    Comments: 1    Tags: black pilled  
Recall Boys Town; nothing was ever done.
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