by SecretCorners 20.05.2019    Comments: 7    Tags: garden  
Peppers are dying on me.  I may have to replant.
by SecretCorners 17.05.2019    Comments: 1    Tags: the china threat  
China is a global threat and it was brought about by Bill Clinton.  China has stolen every single piece of technology and the corrupt politicians and corporations have allowed it to happen because they wanted the slave labour market of China to make billions.  If y
by SecretCorners 16.05.2019    Comments: 1    Tags: aoc  
Cute; too bad the idiot holding the phone doesn't know how to turn it sideways to take a proper video.
by SecretCorners 15.05.2019    Comments: 13    Tags: veggies  
To save time I brought some more veggies plants.  Normally I would sow the yellow squash but it is getting late; I will sow some later after the squash borers take out the first planting.
by SecretCorners 15.05.2019    Comments: 3    Tags: green onions  
I harvested the green onions; now to get the veggie garden planted.
Some crazy white guy shoots up a place and it is immediately White Supremacist are killing everyone.  However, you have a trans and gay person shoot up a school and where is the Trans and Gay Supremacists are killing everyone rhetoric?  I was sure that our local pe
Is biodiversity that important for the survival of humans in the 21st Century?  Maybe not.  What do you think?
looks like very probable 3 days here to get no rain toward end the week. shur am looking forward to some sunny warm days...I somehow wished i could get someone to cap my chimney off..this rain is making a slop frigging mess in bottom of the fire place..ughhhhh... faught 7 month.and
by SecretCorners 12.05.2019    Comments: 9    Tags: aoc is stupid  
And this woman is part of our governing body that gets to decide what laws we will be living under.
by SecretCorners 11.05.2019    Comments: 4    Tags: automotive  
I came out of a shop this evening and noticed some liquid under the front of my car.  It had pooled and then travelled a bit.  I put my finger in the pool and tested the liquid; yes, it was coolant.  I had not paid any attention when I parked so I could not be sure
by SecretCorners 11.05.2019    Comments: 3    Tags: black pilled  
I have never watched The Handmaid's Tale and of course never intend to watch any of it.  However, I didn't know what sort of garbage it was until Devon Stack did a review of the series; it is worst than I could imagine.
by SecretCorners 11.05.2019    Comments: 4    Tags: a little ho  
I ventured out today to see about some veggie plants for my veggie gardens since it is getting late on me.  I had to stop for petrol on the way home.  I pulled in, waited for the vehicle in front of me to pull off, and then I pulled through to the last pump.  I gla
by VeroMariquita 10.05.2019    Comments: 39    Tags: friday  
1. I just got a phone call....0-000-000-0000! Why, I mean seriously, why? do the idiots think someone would be silly enough to answer that!!!
by SecretCorners 10.05.2019    Comments: 7    Tags: garden  
I went by the plant nursery a few days ago and got a few more flower plants as well as a couple of pepper plants; cayenne and pimento; he was out of jalapeños.  There is no shop bought pimento cheese that can beat your own homemade pimento cheese with pimento peppe
by SecretCorners 09.05.2019    Comments: 8    Tags: paying the price  
Now that we are adults; well, at least some of us, we see there was a reason that Mum and Dad didn't want us hanging around with certain people.  They knew we were impressionable and could easily be manipulated because our minds had yet to form the protections agai
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