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President Donald Trump's administration is slated to make a global push for countries to stop criminalizing homosexuality. According to The Jeru
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I don't know if anyone caught the statement that Jussie Smollett said he would press charges against anyone the police arrested for the attack against him; which we now know was a hoax.  That motherfucker was willing to press charges against innocent men, was willi
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If you have young children going to public schools or are home schooling a child please educated them properly and inform them that there is NO President's Day.  The holiday that kept you from going to the Bank or Post office was George Washington's Birthday; you k
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Sorry, but there’s NO valid comparison between Trump and Hitler. And by comparing Trump to a racist psychopath responsible for the deaths of millions, you’re only trivializing Hitler’s horrific crimes against humanity. There could not POSSIBLY be a bigger differenc
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This is another one that I always like to hear.
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That is the amount of USA taxpayer's money that will be given to Israel over the next ten years for their national security.
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This one is larger than the first one discovered back in November 2018.
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The media seems to go crazy any time a police office tasers a 13 year old or puts him or her in handcuffs.  Well, this is why, that 13 year old can kill you.  In this case one of the kids was 12 and killing.
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Stacey Abrams did not watch President Trump’s State of the Union address before delivering her rebuttal, according to a new report.  Maybe it is a good thing she lost the Georgia gubernatorial race.  A rebutt
by SecretCorners 07.02.2019    Comments: 3    Tags: regressive left loonies  
Gucci has removed a controversial sweater from its website and apologized after some people said the sweater resembled blackface. The black turtleneck covers the face and has mouth opening with red lips surrounding it. It originally cost $890...
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